Weak spots humans - Mistakes are also mistakes (kes Special)

September 10, 2020

Mistakes happen and we learn from them. However, "legal" mistakes caused by employee errors can have just as far-reaching consequences as erroneous violations of legal regulations. Both can be costly for different reasons.

While there are very good protective mechanisms against hardware errors, human errors in particular are having an increasingly dramatic effect. This is mainly due to the dependence of business processes on IT as well as the permanent exchange of data between the increasingly complex system networks. Errors that occur during completely legal but erroneous handling have the unpleasant habit of spreading in a very short time to all systems involved and thus to business processes, and with the help of hardware protection mechanisms also to backup systems and media.

Errors in the handling of data and imprecise organisational processes can also lead to errors in compliance with legal requirements. These may not have a direct impact on the company's performance, but can result in high costs due to penalties and rework.

Find out in the Special article how Libelle solutions come into their own in such cases. How you can undo "legal" mistakes and use personal data on test systems after all.

You can read the article here! (Only in German)

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