Klingspor AG - System copies enormously accelerated | Solution: Libelle SystemCopy

September 10, 2020

Digitisation increases the demands on system copies

The size and growth of Klingspor AG lead to a large number of new projects. As part of a digitalisation initiative, more than 160 digitalisation approaches were identified in 2017, from which concrete digitalisation projects emerged. In addition, there are new rollouts and process expansions every year. These developments are also noticeable in daily SAP operations. For example, the frequency of required SAP system copies has increased. There are also requirements regarding the content of these copies, because they should be carried out synchronously and across several systems so that Q and test systems are also consistent with each other after the copy.

Until now, the manual execution of system copies was time-consuming and prone to errors. Klingspor AG was therefore looking for a solution that would allow system copies of the entire SAP landscape to be made at any intervals.

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