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The accelerating pace of digitalization requires solutions that are designed for performance and efficiency like never before, and this applies to companies in all industries. At Libelle IT Group, we are dedicated to such challenges and have been developing software solutions and services since 1994 that not only work across all industries – specific requirements are part of our daily work and passion. Below you will find an excerpt.

Mechanical engineering


24/7 production and Industry 4.0: two buzzwords that illustrate the demands on technology and IT in this industry today. Machines are networked with each other and constantly supply data. A standstill of the IT systems is de facto synonymous with the failure of machines. IT automation is also becoming increasingly relevant, especially with regard to just-in-time processes.

All these factors require state-of-the-art software solutions and services that are developed together with the customer.

Libelle IT Group's contribution

Through many years of cooperation with customers from the mechanical engineering sector, we have developed ever greater know-how regarding the interaction between machines and IT.

With software solutions such as Libelle BusinessShadow® we ensure the permanent availability of production data. The automation and acceleration of important IT processes also provides significant relief for your employees, improved efficiency and cost optimisation. All factors that are ultimately decisive for competition.



In the field of healthcare, smart technologies and IT in general are steadily gaining in importance and are an indispensable component in the prevention of disease and treatment of patients.

In addition to IT automation, the main focus is on data security and patient data protection, but also on the high availability of systems. Reliable solutions from a single source are therefore in demand.

Libelle IT Group's contribution

With Libelle BusinessShadow® we offer you a product enabling high availability of your systems. Even in the event of planned downtimes, you will have a system on which you can work within a few minutes.

You can reliably anonymize your sensitive patient data with Libelle DataMasking. You receive realistic-looking and consistent data for your non-production systems – fast and GDPR-compliant.

Automotive industry


Hardly any other sector represents the German economy more than the automotive industry. For decades, German manufacturers have been convincing with incomparable technology and maximum comfort.

Now, and especially in the future, it is no longer just the pure technology that counts. The IT of a vehicle is also becoming increasingly important - especially with regard to autonomous driving. More and more data and, above all, new sources are being created here. All of this requires systems and software solutions that provide uninterrupted full performance and also serve the requirements of data protection and automation.

Libelle IT Group's contribution

As a reliable partner of customers from the automotive industry, we at Libelle have already been able to make an important contribution to the present and future of vehicles. We automate IT processes and thus not only ensure faster results, but also relieve the IT department.

Libelle EDIMON enables the monitoring and management of IDocs across entire SAP® landscapes. This means that the time gained can be invested in more important and complex tasks. With Libelle DataMasking, we also anonymize data automatically, in the highest quality and GDPR-compliant.

Food industry


Information technology is also very important in the food industry. Stocks and inventories must be monitored around the clock and orders must be managed precisely. An error-free supply chain is essential.

This requires complex and well thought-out IT landscapes as well as ERP systems that are constantly being developed. If a single component does not function perfectly, this has a negative impact on daily operations. The consequences are often long downtimes and resulting monetary expenses.

Libelle IT Group's contribution

With our expertise in the automation and optimization of IT systems and processes, we are the optimal partner for the food industry. With Libelle SystemCopy, you can take advantage of the possibility to further develop your production systems regularly, automatically, and with consistently high quality, thereby perfecting ordering and delivery processes.

We have also revolutionized the monitoring of SAP systems with our products Libelle SABMON and Libelle EDIMON.

IT services


As a software company and IT service provider, we naturally also make our solutions, our know-how, and our service available to other companies in the IT environment. For areas such as the automation of various IT tasks, we have been the absolute specialist since 1994.

IT companies need precisely this competence in order to fully meet the requirements and special features of their customers. Otherwise, needs cannot be adequately served and the danger of market displacement grows.

Libelle IT Group's contribution

In recent years, we have been able to steadily expand our customer base in the IT environment as well. In the process, we provided companies such as NetApp, Microsoft, or Scheer with high-quality software solutions that perfectly serve specific customer requirements.

No matter whether in the cloud, on-premises, or on the hybrid path. IT service providers such as badenIT have also benefited for years from automation solutions such as Libelle SystemCopy or Libelle BusinessShadow®.

Public services & authorities


In recent years, public institutions have evolved rapidly to keep pace with the growing demands of digitalization. New services such as the digital file or administrative apps pose a great challenge, especially with regard to the amount of personal data contained.

Optimally functioning and smart information technology is therefore indispensable. Scalable and reliable software solutions are an important prerequisite for efficient work.

Libelle IT Group's contribution

The self-image of all Libelle employees is clearly to be a reliable and highly competent IT partner in the digitalization of public life. If necessary, we adapt our products to the specific requirements of our customers, including public offices and authorities.

With Libelle DataMasking, for example, we enable the automated, GDPR-compliant anonymization of personal data. The great advantage of our solution is that you can use the data even after anonymization for the further development and testing of your IT systems.

Energy industry


How will we obtain our energy in the future and where will it come from? The energy industry has been dealing with these questions for years and is experiencing a constant shift towards regenerative energy sources.

But no matter whether it is solar, wind, or conventional carriers, the IT landscape should always be available and also enable new types of technologies such as smart sensor technology via the Internet of Things. Even the IT of electricity suppliers is not unconditionally protected against hacker attacks and should be prepared for such scenarios.

Libelle IT Group's contribution

Disaster recovery and high availability play a central role in the energy industry. With our IT solution Libelle BusinessShadow®, we provide you with a highly developed product. In this way, you protect your system landscape from prolonged failures and ensure the permanent availability of your data.

The up-to-date nature of your SAP systems also plays an important role here, as does the anonymization of personal data. Our products Libelle SystemCopy and Libelle DataMasking offer you the optimal solutions here.

Construction industry


In the construction industry, there are many branches and players that are interconnected. The smooth supply of materials, the associated logistics, and the management of suppliers are essential for the success of a project. Stable IT systems in the area of ERP and CRM are an absolute must.

However, issues can arise here due to the size and complexity of the requirements. Supporting software solutions are therefore indispensable in the construction industry.

Libelle IT Group's contribution

Libelle EDIMON and Libelle SABMON are our solutions for keeping track of your SAP systems and monitoring the associated IDocs. With our automated monitoring systems, issues with orders, invoices, and the like can be eliminated quickly and automatically.

With Libelle SystemCopy you create fully automated system copies. This enables you to adapt your SAP systems quickly and flexibly to new requirements and to implement new features without major downtime.

Our customers

Customers from all over the world rely on our IT solutions and services. The size of the company or the industry does not matter – with our services, we optimize every IT landscape, on-cloud, on-premises, or hybrid. Always with the best possible service and personal advice.

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