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SAP system monitoring software

Libelle SABMON enables the early detection and documentation of error situations and can initiate concrete measures on request.

Our SAP system monitoring software allows automated monitoring based on a variety of predefined and customizable checks. You receive information on known and previously unknown types of errors at different reporting and detail levels, early notifications, and comprehensive reaction options. The optimal system monitoring software for the smooth running of your business processes and SAP systems.

Your benefits

  • Overview: Libelle SABMON shows all relevant system and business data in the cockpit. The traffic light system provides a quick overview, and the drill-down function provides further information if required.
  • Ready to use: Usability from installation through the more than 60 proven standard tests with associated standard thresholds.
  • Simplification: Reduces complexity and your time efforts through automated notifications and reactions to system errors.
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Qualitative monitoring - Libelle SABMON helps to reduce the time spent on monitoring for the team appropriately and to create the necessary relief.


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Many systems and business processes run simultaneously in your company. If an error occurs here, it is not always easy to detect, and manual system monitoring costs a lot of time and human resources. Our system monitoring software Libelle SABMON offers automated notification and error correction. It can also be run in the background so that you can focus on other tasks.


In addition to the standard checks already supplied for the areas of system errors, system utilization, interfaces, and process and business data, you can also expand Libelle SABMON with your own checks and reactions. The software is quick and easy to integrate into your IT landscape and the check intervals can be set flexibly.

How it works

Libelle SABMON can be used immediately after installation with the standard settings and over 60 proven tests and the associated threshold values. You can also customize these for your optimal use.

Libelle SABMON frontend shows the central cockpit with relevant system and business data at a glance

System monitoring

The central cockpit of Libelle SABMON provides you with all relevant system and business data at a glance. By means of the built-in traffic light system, you can keep a clear overview of the values, and the drill-down function offers you the possibility to view further information.

Libelle SABMON frontend shows a notification window with a system error


If a threshold value is exceeded, you will see this in the cockpit. Our SAP system monitoring software also operates automatically and thus minimizes your manual efforts. Automatic notifications or reactions in the event of system errors help you to control SAP systems and business processes smoothly.

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