Acceleration of data transmission from Europe to Asia (10,216 km) | Product: Libelle BusinessShadow

September 9, 2020

Initial situation: Dwindling time windows for WAN copies

Time-critical copies of large databases over the WAN place equally great demands on the networks. But if, despite immense costs for bandwidths, QoS & Co., the available time windows are no longer sufficient, other ways have to be found. Like at one of the world's largest private banks:

Here, the databases of the foreign companies are copied to the central European computer centre every weekend. There, evaluations are made and further clones of the databases are created for development and testing. The copies are made at weekends when the banking databases are not in use. The copies in the WAN have so far been made with the help of the Oracle tool RMAN. For the copy of the database to Asia with 3 TB in the meantime, more than 25 hours were needed, i.e. more than a whole day. In the context of copying other databases as well as reporting and other follow-up activities, this is clearly too long.

Challenge: Significantly reduce the copying time

Is it possible to reduce the copying time to significantly less than 25 hours with the help of an additional tool, with otherwise unchanged infrastructural conditions?

Proof of Concept: Libelle BusinessShadow

The aim was to test whether Libelle BusinessShadow could copy the 3 TB database from Asia to Europe correctly and completely within a given time window.

INI settings: SocketLen = 1024 KB / BufferSize = 64 MG.
Configuration Asia-Europe: ParallelCopy = 18 / CompressedCopy = TRUE.

The challenge was that the PoC had to be carried out during the week. Therefore, "only" 18 parallel processes could be set up.

Full success - copying time reduced from 25 h to < 10 h

Despite the challenges, the initial copy of the database with Libelle BusinessShadow took only 10 hours. The bank's expectations were thus exceeded. A further reduction in copying time is achieved when the copy is carried out at the weekend and the ParallelCopy values are increased.

After the successful PoC for the Oracle databases, enormous performance improvements were also achieved with copies of the MSSQL databases. With Libelle BusinessShadow and the Performance Option, the bank now has an easy-to-use standard tool for consolidating a wide range of database tasks.



IT environment and tools
Oracle 12.1
Oracle RMAN
AIX 7.2

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