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Monitor high system utilization of development, quality and production systems – global steel company

Relief of the SAP base human resource


Steel industry
  • SAP® R/3®


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"Qualitative monitoring: Libelle SABMON helps to reduce the time monitoring effort for the team appropriately and to create the necessary relief."

What challenge arose in this project?

On the  customer side , there are regularly very high system workloads during peak times for certain processes. Therefore, regular reporting of the system load must be generated. This also includes the regular checking of the log memory and the emptying of the memory. These monitoring processes are very time-consuming for the team. In addition, those responsible must be informed immediately in the event of an emergency.

Clear presentation should enable fast and automated trading - What was the solution?

In order to  achieve this goal, it was necessary to centralize the monitoring aspects. Thereby, data acquisition and evaluation are possible in real time. The clear and comprehensible presentation offers the possibility to act fast. In addition, automated processes, such as the regular emptying of log tables and informing those responsible in the event of critical values, support the team on site. In addition to optimized monitoring, reporting is now also possible at the push of a button.

Challenge accepted - Qualitative monitoring and automated notification

Libelle SABMON helped to reduce the immense monitoring effort for the team. Therefore , the necessary relief was created in order to guarantee qualitative monitoring. The automated notifications of responsible people  also increased the response time in case of errors.