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badenIT: Time-shifted mirroring for maximum data availability

CompanybadenIT GmbH
SectorIT Services
Employeesapprox. 100


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Proverbially, time is first and foremost money. However, if recovery times or downtimes are minimised during a release change, not only does availability increase, but the security of the data and its integrity also increases. badenIT has opted for time-delayed data mirroring to protect its data - and discovered a completely different practical use in the process.


Even though the reliability of hardware for servers and storage has improved enormously in recent years, high availability solutions still play a central role. Especially in times of constantly advancing digitalisation and big data. As an IT service provider, badenIT also manages the operation of its customers' high-availability SAP environments, among other things. For this, a reliable, fast and easy-to-use software solution was sought that also ensures high availability in the event of hardware-independent errors such as operating errors or faulty software updates.


With Libelle DBShadow, badenIT relies on permanent and time-delayed database mirroring in various SAP environments. The patented time funnel principle protects against time-consuming recovery processes. Viktor Schmieder, Technical Consultant at badenIT, cites a user error in which business-critical table entries were deleted as a use case. Instead of an approximately seven-hour recovery, the problem could be solved within one hour thanks to DBShadow and its time-delayed mirroring. The Libelle solution also supports badenIT in everyday SAP operations, for example in the fast and secure implementation of release changes or migration projects.

Customer feedback

"So simple - it impressed us all" reports Viktor Schmieder about the implementation and use of Libelle DBShadow. In addition to the use in the event of system failures and the like, Schmieder is also enthusiastic about the flexibility and speed in other use cases: "For example, the shadow database allows us to carry out offline backups at any time. This also significantly reduces the waiting time during release changes or migration projects."


"After the successful proof-of-concept, we installed our software back then within one weekend. Since the colleagues from badenIT also ordered licences of Libelle SystemCopy later on, we have been able to enjoy a great cooperation for years."

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