August 24, 2022

Why is SAP reporting and monitoring important?

AuthorFlorian Krause

Increasingly complex IT landscapes present companies with numerous challenges. In recent times, they increasingly need to be monitored and observed. Descriptove ash boards and rapid error detection, as well as the automation of error adjustment, are important tools for maintaining a clear and structured overall view.

But what does monitoring and reporting actually mean?

In general, this terminology plays an important role also in a non-SAP context. Monitoring means "observation". With the help of monitoring tools, different subjects can be analyzed and systematically logged. The main focus is to optimize, error detection and correction.

Monitoring is complemented by reporting. This is one form of reporting activities regarding monitoring topics. Information is bundled and summarized in a report that is as compact and informative as possible.

In the context of SAP data, monitoring approaches serve to gain data and knowledge by centrally consolidating, monitoring and evaluating information.
In this context, the "mass" of data and the increasing interfaces within companies on an international or national level are challenging and  also present potential sources of errors.

Centralize SAP monitoring with SABMON

Since in the SAP system a transaction typically requires a window, one would have to open an extra window for each individual aspect of SAP monitoring. An additional limitation here, limits the number of windows that can be opened by a single user.

In order to solve this particular problem, a software solution is needed which summarizes these large numbers of window limitations in a clear, well structured and understandable way. that clearly combines the large number of transactions for SAP monitoring and thus circumvents the window limitation.

SAP reporting in SABMON

Triggered alarms and test results can be tracked with Libelle SABMON. Those file results can also be on the SAP system. In case the user want to visually display the progress of emerging errors, the user  has the option to generate a graphic by the push of a button. This graphic contains test values over a fixed period of time which can be set by the user(set  by user default).

Multi System Monitoring

Libelle SABMON provides a comprehensive monitoring solution for a single system, but usually several systems have to be monitored. Even if the software is installed on each of these systems and the effort has already been reduced to a large extent, Multi System Monitoring adds up to the problem. Employees inevitably have to split up their attention. As a result, response time will be negatively impacted and error-vulnerabilty increases.. For this problem, Libelle SABMON even offers  another possibility to solve this problem.

With the help of the SABMON Manager, all systems that are monitored  can be overviewed in one single transaction. Like Libelle SABMON, the management tool is written exclusively in ABAP.

What exactly ABAP really is and what possibilities it offers, can be found  in our artice "ABAP ... part of a success".

With the SABMON Manager all test data of the individual systems can be viewed in one single transaction. Data retrieval can be executed manually at the push of a button or scheduled automatically in a background job.

Advantages of SAP monitoring and reporting with Libelle SABMON

With the help of the Libelle SABMON software solution, the advantages of inelligent and consistent monitoring and reporting can be fully utilized by companies. These advantages are:

  • Overview of the quantity of transactions
    Centralizes the multitude of windows that users need to keep an eye on, thus reducing the workload on personnel
  • Speeds up response times
    Centralized information means reduced information paths and therefore faster response time
  • Increased error detection
    Better overview and automatic notifications ensure a higher percentage of error detection
  • Full automation
    Strong relief of responsible personsResources can  be used in a more efficient way- This enables to focus of primary processes
  • Multi System Monitoring
    Monitor globally distributed systems with a single screen
  • Easy installation and setup
    Full compatibility with SAP technology ensures maximum efficiency

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