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"With Libelle EDIMON we were able to manage our over 10,000 IDocs on a daily basis, in an automated way and increase our response times and error capture rate tremendously."

What was the challenge in this project?

The customer needed a software solution that would monitor a large volume of globally distributed SAP systems. Furthermore, a fast error detection as well as an increased reaction time to errors should be enabled. More than 10,000 IDocs enter and leave the SAP systems every day. And all this without any central coordination of the systems. Another challenge was working with special message types that require individual action steps.

Monitor IDocs globally with a high error capture rate and accelerate response times - What was the solution?

In orde to achieve this goal, monitoring was centralized and real-time monitoring of each system was introduced. Traceability to the status of IDocs across the different systems was also important. Here, the focus was on automation and the manual analysis steps were simplified. Another point was an automated notification of errors and, in the next step, also automated error correction. In addition, the number of analysis programs was minimized. Responses for special message types were also scheduled.

Worldwide real-time analysis - How Libelle EDIMON contributed to success

Libelle EDIMON made it possible to analyze large volumes of IDocs worldwide in real time within a very short time. The centralization at specific locations made it possible to get an overview of the quantities of incoming and outgoing IDocs. The additional automation has significantly eased the workload of the individual basis specialists and ensured an increase in productivity.