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CRM mirroring across continents - from Asia to Germany

Production database mirrored in 4 hours using Libelle DBShadow


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"With Libelle DBShadow, our database in Southeast Asia is secured and with the mirroring to our location in Germany, the CRM system can be read out."

What was the challenge in this project?

The customer needed a software solution that would create a " Link" between the small sales location in Southeast Asia and the IT based team in Germany.

Since the site in Southeast Asia does not have an IT database specialist on premise, the team in Germany deals with this task. Sales data from all over the world is saved in the non-SAPCRM system every single day. This data must be evaluated in a timely manner, and without providing direct access to the productive database in Asia.

In addition to the international site override, securing the production database was also a critical issue - what was the solution?

To reach this desired goal, Libelle DBShadow was used to mirror the production database with a V-Funnel flow of 4 hours. The CRM mirroring runs via internet connection. In the this process, the system is not duplicated. The data records from Asia are opened and evaluated daily at fixed times (12 noon German time and 6 p.m. local time) as "read only" and without the need for direct access to the production database in Southeast Asia. At the same time, their database is secured 24/7.

Mirroring across continents - How Libelle contributed to success

Libelle DBShadow is running stable for years now and gives the customer the opportunity to "Fill two needs with one deed". The database in Southeast Asia is secured and at the same time the data can be read and evaluated from the CRM system in Germany. Due to the help of Libelle DBShadow software, no team of database administrators is needed on premise in Asia and the team from Germany has the full the picture of what is going on- at any time.