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Sto: Secure system copy for patching and maintenance

CompanySto SE & Co. KGaA
SectorBuilding Materials / Construction Chemistry
Employeesapprox. 5000


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Digitalization is having an effect at the construction supplier Sto SE & Co. KGaA: here, almost all business processes are digitalized. The goal is to produce building materials in consistently high quality. In order to keep the SAP® system always up to date and secure, SAP system copies are necessary. Until now, these were very time-consuming, especially the postprocessing.


System copies for SAP environments can be very time-consuming. This was also a known problem at Sto. Negative experiences with other software providers encouraged the SAP managers to act. From now on, the process of system copies should be as simple and fast as possible and of the highest possible quality. Sto therefore submitted detailed specifications to various providers. In addition to hard facts such as the total costs over five years, soft facts such as the detailed knowledge of the developers also counted.


After an intensive test phase, Sto finally decided in favor of Libelle SystemCopy (LSC). System copies were carried out with SAP's ERP and HR systems, among others. LSC succeeded in copying 2.5 terabytes in six hours and 200 gigabytes in three hours. Within one week, Sto-IT made a full six system copies. Highly automated and with the best possible quality.

Customer feedback

"SAP is a core application for us - and it has to work," says Steffen Freitag, Expert System Engineer at Sto Group Applications. "With Libelle SystemCopy (LSC), we guarantee our SAP users a high quality of service." Juergen Griesshaber, Senior System Engineer Sto Group, is also convinced by the fully automated solution from the Stuttgart software house: " Post-processing of system copies also takes much less time with LSC than with other solutions."


"We encountered the responses we expect from a software supplier for all of our questions to Libelle. The response time for a ticket is less than two hours and often the solution arrives by then," confirms Steffen Freitag.

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