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ESA Switzerland: Less effort and more flexibility for system copies

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ESA is a co-operative company for B2B trade in the automotive industry in Switzerland. Everything related to motor vehicles is traded, such as tyres, wear parts, tools as well as workshop equipment. Today, ESA is a leading wholesaler. Around 500,000 articles are available on standard.


Being a purchasing cooperative ESA has to react immediately to market deveopments of all kinds possible. Therefore the SAP enviromnent has to run smoothly. In the past, system copies constantly caused interruptions to the productive operation side.


„We became aware of Libelle AG and its revolutionary product DBShadow just a few years ago. We were fascinated by the concept,“ says Rolli. Therefore, Libelle was also asked about the challenges with the system copies. After a test phase, negotiations and a comparison of Libelle SystemCopy with similar products from other suppliers, ESA came to the conclusion: „To us, there is nothing better on the market for system copies.“

Customer feedback

Using Libelle SystemCopy proved to be more practical and versatile than expected. Rolli: „We had assumed that you could only copy one quality assurance system from the SAP architecture, but several virtual instances could also be copied in one go.“ Since Libelle SystemCopy has been in use, ESA no longer has to plan its system copies in the long term. The quality of testing for new features has improved a great deal.


The „calm cooperation with Libelle“, as Heinz Rolli describes it, has considerably simplified the process of software implementation. This creates trust, not only in the software partner, but also in the application.

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