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badenIT: Increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction with automated system copies

CompanybadenIT GmbH
SectorIT Services
Employeesapprox. 100


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Satisfaction ensures customer loyalty. This also applies in IT if service levels can be maintained or even increased. After implementing its disaster recovery strategy, the IT service provider badenIT has also done something for efficiency in SAP operations - and can thus offer its customers better IT services.


Carrying out system copies regularly and doing so as efficiently and qualitatively as possible is a central goal for an IT service provider like badenIT, which not only looks after the IT of its own parent company badenova, but also that of numerous other customers. Manual system copies were to be replaced by automated refreshes in view of the time-consuming activities and the high costs involved. This would increase the service level.


With Libelle DBShadow, badenIT has already had good experience with software solutions from Libelle. Now, in addition to the high availability of the data, the automation of the system copies was to be ensured. Thanks to Libelle SystemCopy, this goal was achieved: the effort was significantly reduced, the majority of the work consists of monitoring tasks and no longer hundreds of manual steps. As a result, maintenance times during system copies could be significantly reduced, one is more flexible on the road and thus also more customer-friendly. A complete success for all involved.

Customer feedback

"The effort for homogeneous system copies has been reduced to less than half". Harald Ruh, team leader of SAP Basis at badenIT likes working with Libelle SystemCopy. "Previously, we needed at least two man-days per system for a system copy with about 130 work steps each."


"As our contact Harald Ruh has already mentioned, we were able to significantly minimise the effort of system copies at badenIT and its customers. And this for the most diverse customer environments and with a single solution."

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