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Libelle MasterDataServiceSuite

Master data management software

Well-maintained master data is the basis for business decisions and digital processes. However, the consistency and quality of your data can suffer due to time-consuming creation and maintenance. A no-go in times of digitalization and GDPR. To maintain a high quality of your data a master data management software can be helpful.

With the Libelle MasterDataServiceSuite, we offer you a software for all important master data management tasks in SAP systems. From analysis to quality checks to workflow optimization: let yourself be inspired by the simple and automated operation of our master data management software.

Your benefits

  • Simplification

    Libelle MasterDataServiceSuite offers six tools for automated and optimized master data management in your SAP systems.

  • Data protection

    Takes into account both the GDPR and its "right to be forgotten", as well as the obligation to retain your data vis-à-vis official bodies.

  • Overview

    Creates a central overview of all your master data including recommended actions for further use.


Successful deployment of Libelle MasterDataServiceSuite and more information on master data in SAP!

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Success Story
Reduced training time in the area of master data maintenance

The optimizations and automation of materialmaintenance processes with Libelle MasterDataServiceSuite, has tremendouslyreduced the training time of new employees.


Libelle MasterData­ServiceSuite

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Regular automatic checks of your master data, template-based and customizable rules, and workflows: The tools of the Libelle MasterDataServiceSuite reduce manual work and relieve you and your departments in master data management.

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With the central Libelle MasterDataServiceSuite cockpit, you maintain an overview of all tools for your master data management. Lists and statistics on master data, workflows or similar are also created easily and quickly via the cockpit.

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Master data management made easy: Our toolbox contains six tools with which you can centrally process almost all tasks that arise in connection with master data. Automated, flexibly adaptable and always at a glance.

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Libelle MasterDataServiceSuite includes predefined templates that meet many business requirements, but also offers customization options. Define your own company-specific rules, customize workflows and responsibilities as you see fit, and optimize master data management for your business.


From practice for practice: The Libelle MasterDataServiceSuite was developed precisely to meet the needs of all those who work with master data in daily operations or in migration projects. Our master data management software can be easily operated via the central cockpit and offers six tools that cover all master data management tasks, either individually or in combination. Below you will find a brief insight into our Libelle MasterDataServiceSuite tools.

Frontend of the Libelle Master Data Status Analyzer

Master Data Status Analyzer

With our Libelle MasterDataStatusAnalyzer, you succeed in regularly checking primary master data for its current usage status automatically or at the push of a button. In addition, you receive recommendations for further handling of the examined master data. Always with the aim of ensuring the highest data quality.

Frontend of the Libelle Master Data Protection Tool

Master Data Protection Tool

Retention obligation vs. "right to be forgotten": With the Libelle MasterDataProtectionTool, you always work in compliance with GDPR and without losing your data. Our tool includes both an anonymization component and a data vault, in which you can encrypt and store data to be protected at the touch of a button. The anonymized data is still available in the data vault, and you can easily restrict access.

Frontend of the Libelle Master Data Creation Tool

Master Data Creation Tool

Where is master data created and how exactly? Who is responsible for which part of master data maintenance? How is the correct entry of new data across organizational boundaries ensured? Thanks to definable and customizable workflows, our MasterDataCreationTool answers all these and many other questions about your master data management.

Frontend of the Libelle Master Data Quality Cockpit

Master Data Quality Cockpit

Detect errors before it becomes expensive and time-consuming: The MasterDataQualityCockpit is your quality management tool when it comes to the best possible master data management. Define target values and checks and check the quality of your master data regularly and at the push of a button. Afterwards, you receive a clear presentation of the results so that you can intervene in time before a (process) error occurs.

Frontend of Libelle Master Data Mass Maintenance

Master Data Mass Maintenance

In times of Big Data, regular data maintenance is essential to ensure the highest quality of your data. Libelle MasterDataMassMaintenance simplifies the time-consuming mass maintenance for you - whether as part of a data migration or your daily work. Export your legacy data to one of our suitable and constantly updated Excel templates, edit it and re-import the freshly structured data back into your system. Impressively simple.

Frontend of the Libelle Master Data Conversion Cockpit

Master Data Conversion Cockpit

Easily convert and link master data for different systems. Whether in daily work or in migration projects. With the help of MasterDataConversionCockpit, departments can quickly get back to their daily business and quickly find customers, materials and other master data in new system environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Libelle MasterDataServiceSuite more worthwhile for daily work or only for individual for migrations?

Can I use the tools independently of each other?

Can I use Libelle MasterDataServiceSuite in already running migration projects?

Are the templates and categories also adapted and extended to new SAP releases?

At Libelle, we live for agile software development. Our standard templates support you in optimizing your processes, but are of course only really helpful if they are always "up to date". No matter whether a new SAP release is pending or you as a customer have a special request: We constantly adapt our templates and our software to the needs of the market.