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Young woman sitting in front of a laptop in a room with several monitors on which Libelle EDIMON is running

Libelle EDIMON

Libelle EDIMON is an add-on for monitoring the management of IDocs across complete SAP® landscapes. The IDoc workflow is an absolutely critical aspect of incoming and outgoing orders, deliveries, and invoices and is therefore inextricably linked to the core business of a company. Our software automates typical tasks in monitoring and troubleshooting IDocs and allows permanent monitoring of incoming and outgoing IDocs. Our software runs in the background and you can keep an eye on everything via a central cockpit. Impressively simple and efficient.

Your benefits

  • Order security

    IDoc monitoring and the automated correction of faulty IDocs enable order processing and smooth delivery to your customers.

  • Simplification

    Reduces manual troubleshooting, informs specialist departments automatically, relieves the entire SAP basis, and provides clear reporting.

  • Overview

    The Libelle EDIMON cockpit provides a summary overview of all relevant IDocs and their status for each connected system.


Libelle EDIMON

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Libelle EDIMON can automatically detect faulty IDocs. Assigned rules trigger reactions such as sending notifications to specialist departments, automatic re-postings, or initiating correction routines. Our software replaces manual and time-consuming error correction and fascinates with an automatic process and a dynamic set of rules that can be extended further and further.

Icon Clear - Monitor shows individual IDocs


Within the various process chains, thousands of IDocs are exchanged with each other every day. To keep track of this, Libelle EDIMON provides a management cockpit with extensive notification options. Here you can monitor the status of your IDocs, monitor the automated processing of faulty IDocs, or react quickly and easily if necessary.

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Libelle EDIMON is easy and secure to install in any SAP® environment and can be used immediately. Our software is ABAP®-based and optimised for both the current S/4HANA® and older SAP releases from 4.6c.

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If the IDoc workflow is not automated, a lot of valuable time is lost until the errors are detected and corrected. Delays and interruptions in the business processes are the consequences. Libelle EDIMON accelerates and simplifies time-consuming routine activities so that they can be carried out directly by the specialist department.

How it works

Libelle EDIMON is our solution for automated IDoc monitoring and processing in SAP systems. It can be easily integrated into your SAP landscape as an add-on. The implementation follows a predefined sequence of installations, rule definitions, test phase, and start of operation. The cockpit provides you with a summary overview of the checks for each connected system.

Libelle EDIMON frontend shows the central flow of all IDocs

Step 1: IDoc monitoring

Libelle EDIMON monitors the central flow of all IDocs and searches for failed IDocs. If an error status arises, Libelle EDIMON triggers automatic reactions if desired. For example, e-mail notifications are triggered to the corresponding business area if an order refers to a non-existent cost center and thus cannot be booked.

Libelle EDIMON frontend shows an error notification with error status

Step 2: Troubleshooting

The responsible department is alerted directly and can correct the order and rebook the IDoc, which cancels the error status. However, Libelle EDIMON also offers the option of rectifying recurring IDoc issues automatically and directly by a supplied program. This speeds up the process enormously and keeps your transactions up and running, so you can take care of other tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I monitor IDocs?

What automation does Libelle EDIMON offer for IDocs?

How can I make corrections manually?

You can make individual corrections and mass changes using optimized input masks. For sporadically occurring errors without an automated correction option, hints to the solution in form of notes are possible.