Libelle BusinessShadow® for SAP® HANA

Libelle BusinessShadow® for SAP® HANA gives you an asynchronous mirroring for very large HANA instances with the highest requirements regarding robustness & performance proven in the toughest environments.


Configuring System-Replication made simple:

  • Easily set up System-Replication with automated tasks, including public-key copying and preconditions checks.
  • Simplified Initial-Copy with 40 automated tasks.

Instant One-Click System-Replication Removal:

  • Enjoy the ease of safe removal of System-Replication with just one click.
  • Eliminate costly mistakes while manually registering or removing System-Replication.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Control:
    • Stay in control with comprehensive monitoring of your System-Replication operations.
  • Seamless Switchover Process:
    • Experience smooth and reliable switchover with various supported scenarios: End-of-Logs, Point-in-time, Defined-Switch, Detach-Standby-System, and Open-Read-Only.
    • Effortlessly execute switchover commands with 30 - 40 automated steps additional to the takeover command
  • Support for Higher Level of Availibility:
    • Handling of multiple linked systems with ease, including Multi-Target (A->B, A->C) and Multi-Tier (A->B, B->C) System-Replication landscapes.
  • Comprehensive Application Server Mirroring:
    • Achieve data security with BusinessShadow's file-based mirroring for Application Servers.
  • Group Synchronized Switchover:
    • Enjoy synchronized switchover capabilities, optimizing efficiency during critical operations.
  • Convenient Disaster Recovery Testing:
    • Easy-to-use solution that allows for monthly or even weekly Disaster Recovery tests without disrupting production.
  • Secondary Time Travel (Point-In-Time):
    • Allows starting secondary system at a previous point in time and quickly gain access to the data that was deleted on the primary system.
    • Easy configuration of RTO & RPO
    • Delay-cron-table: select various delays (between primary and secondary) during the week and on weekends when fewer personnel are on call.
  • Open-Read-Only Mode for Optimal Performance:
    • Facilitate load balancing or restore single tables with Open-Read-Only mode.
  • Detached Standby Systems for QA:
    • Seamlessly create QA systems with the Detach-Standby-System feature.

Role-based access control (RBAC)

  • Pre-defined roles: reader/monitoring, operator/DBA, admin/infra; other rules can be defined by user
  • Supported authentication: Local users, LDAP, SAML
  • per-configuration roles are also possible


  • Automated health check
  • Email notifications– when errors happen get notified by email
  • SNMP notifications

Setup / initial configuration

  • Initial setup/installation: < 2 hours
  • Commandline Interface / REST API: for automating common tasks

Supported HANA versions

  • 2SP4
  • 2SP5
  • 2SP6