Libelle BusinessShadow® for SAP® Adaptive Server® Enterprise (ASE)

Libelle BusinessShadow® for SAP® Adaptive Server® Enterprise (ASE) gives you an asynchronous mirroring for very large ASE instances with the highest requirements regarding robustness & performance proven in the toughest environments.


  • Continuously copies changes from production to the standby system switch over with RTO & RPO values in minutes possible
  • Copies logical (transactions) & physical changes (new and resized devices)
  • Also supports the management of more complex replication scenarios like multi-target (A B, A C)
  • Supported authentication: Local users, LDAP, SAML

Data transfer

  • Initial Copy (Backup/Restore) over named pipes: no disk space needed for backup files
  • Data transfer with compression and checksum
  • Encrypted communication between worker nodes
  • Integrated File Mirroring – other server files can also be mirrored
  • Virtual IP addresses and/or virtual host names can also be mirrored and managed in a failover
  • Web frontend with HTTPS

Features: Dump transaction

  • Dump transaction with standby access
  • Dump Transaction with stripes
  • Possible Parameters for triggering “Dump transaction”: Time interval, % fill grade of logsegment, absolute size of logsegment
  • Alternate archive path: for when the target location of “dump transaction” is in high-use or the files are quickly backed up and deleted; the files can then be created as hardlinks in an alternate location

Role-based access control (RBAC)

  • Pre-defined roles: reader/monitoring, operator/DBA, admin/infra; other rules can be defined by user
  • Supported authentication: Local users, LDAP, SAML per-configuration roles are also possible


  • Automated health check
  • Email notifications– when errors happen get notified by email

Setup / initial configuration

  • Initial setup/installation: < 4 hours
  • Commandline Interface / REST API: for automating common tasks

Our customers

  • 250 TB currently mirroring
  • 900 GB: largest handled transaction dump so far

Required ASE roles for operation of BusinessShadow for ASE

For Operation of BusinessShadow for ASE, the following roles are required:

On Production side:

  • oper_role
  • mon_role


  • sa_role
  • oper_role
  • mon_role

On standby, the sa_role is needed for the Initial-Copy-Job when we do the create_database command and for the Structure-Process to be able to do disk resize automatically.

For the Defined-Switch Switchover scenario, BusinessShadow also requires the sa_role on the Production side.

Also, the "granular permissions" setting in ASE can further dictate requirements.