Where does your data relevant to the GDPR actually reside?

August 26, 2020

Get an overview of the GDPR-relevant areas of your databases!

On 25 May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force across Europe. Since then, companies have been required to provide special protection for sensitive, personal data. The first question that arises here is: What actually is personal data and where can I find it in my systems? Libelle AG supports you with tools and solutions to find out exactly this.

For your SAP production systems: Libelle Master Data Services Suite

In your production SAP systems, the toolbox of the Libelle Master Data Services Suite(MDSS) supports you in keeping master data GDPR-compliant. For this purpose, the Master Data Status Analyzer (MDSA) determines master data to which no active business transactions are linked. The Master Data Protection Tool (MDPT) then locks these for normal use.

For your non-production systems: Libelle DataMasking and the DataAnalyzer

With the anonymisation solution Libelle DataMasking (LDM) (LDM) you focus on non-production environments (test, development, project, ...). Anonymise sensitive data end-to-end in a logically meaningful and consistent manner, even across system boundaries, so that you can continue to test business processes in a meaningful way.

Or start with a smaller step: With the LDM LDM DataAnalyzer, we have extracted exactly that component from the overall LDM solution and published it as a small, pragmatic stand-alone tool that is responsible for the automated analysis of existing data structures and provides a concrete overview of GDPR-relevant areas of your databases.

The GDPR is here. Do you have an overview of YOUR relevant data?

Just invest a few minutes of your time: download theLDM DataAnalyzer for SAP systems including a test licence free of charge and at no risk (just scroll down). Run it over your SAP databases. Get a test-based, initial overview of the structure and result type in a "small" report variant.

  • Installation-free
    The LDM DataAnalyzer runs locally, outside the SAP system, without transports or other interventions in your landscape: simply copy it into a local directory and start.
  • Fast run
    After a few minutes you have a CSV report per system, available for your own documentation or other further processing.
  • Upgradeable
    You like what you see as a result? Then simply upgrade to the "full" LDM DataAnalyzeror to the complete Libelle DataMasking package.

As a stand-alone tool, the LDM DataAnalyzeris currently available for the following environments. If you have a need for a different platform, simply contact us or come back in a few days. The platform matrix is continuously expanding.

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