Easy System Operating Services

April 21, 2021

The new "Easy System Operating Services" service from Scheer, NetApp, Microsoft and Libelle, which was created as part of a partnership, provides, among other things, fully automated system updatesand copiesin the Microsoft Azure Cloudat record speed.

Unique service for SAP® users

More and more SAP systems are being operated in the cloud. This is an enormous challenge for companies; they have to relocate their complex IT landscapes to a new environment. Only if as many processes as possible of this transition are fully automated can this succeed without errors.

As part of the partnership between Scheer, NetApp, Microsoft and Libelle, a unique service has been created. The "Easy System Operating Services" open up completely new possibilities for SAP customers.

Get to know this service now and benefit from the speed and cost advantage!

The focus is on SAP SAP S/4HANA® and SAP® Business Suite system environments, which are migrated and operated by Scheer in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Regular system updates and copies, even for very innovative and complex SAP system landscapes, can thus be carried out faster, more efficiently and in a compliant manner by anonymising customer and personnel data.

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