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Why is Libelle BusinessShadow® the optimal business continuity solution for SAP ASE

With Libelle BusinessShadow®, we deliver a highly automated solution that ensures optimized business continuity, data security and data consistency specifically for ASE.

We were able to achieve this specialization through several successful customer projects. For on-premises as well as hybrid or on cloud.

A visualization of the time funnel of the software Libelle BusinessShadow

The patented time funnel principle: after all transactions have been copied onto the system, the log files are first stored in the so-called time funnel


Libelle BusinessShadow® for SAP ASE provides you with a mirror system within minutes on which you can work productively.


The time funnel temporarily stores logs before they reach the mirror system. You can quickly and easily switch to an error-free point in time.


Your data is up to date and consistent, because it does not need to be recovered from a backup, but is temporarily stored within the time funnel.

Switch-Over variations
  • Point-in-Time
  • End-of-Logs
  • Lossless-Switch
  • Defined-Switch
  • Open-Read-Only
  • Detach-Standby-System
Technology of Libelle BusinessShadow® for SAP ASE 
  • Support for Linux & Windows operating systems (others on request)
  • Usage via Web-frontend & CLI
  • REST-API Integration
  • Fully Cloud-Ready
  • Communication exclusively via TCP/IP

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Protecting your business from threats such as cyberattacks, natural disasters, or user error is more relevant than ever.

Even for databases such as SAP ASE, it is important to ensure this protection business continuity management, and optimize it both strategically and technically.

More information about Libelle BusinessShadow®

Libelle BusinessShadow® is our solution for automated and reliable Business Continuity,Disaster Recovery and High Availability for SAP ASE and other databases and structured file systems.

Our customers are particularly impressed by the patented Libelle time funnel principle. With this, you can easily and quickly switch your mirror system to a point in time before the error occurred. Achieve optimum values in the areas of RTO, RPO and RCO with Libelle BusinessShadow®.

You can learn more about Libelle BusinessShadow® on our product page