February 9, 2022

IT auditing: support through automatic report

AuthorFranz Diegruber

Auditing is especially important within the IT industry. IT audits ensure that business processes to run smoothly  and securely. The focus is on IT security and thus directly on the success withinthe company. There are different IT audit process types: vulnerability audit, stress test, risk assessment audit, certification audit and compliance audit.

The IT requirements of a company or software are unique, so auditing processes are also customized specifically for them.

The following blog post highlights what exactly an audit consists of and how Libelle SystemCopy (LSC) helps different organizations with their auditing. For example, LSC's execution report provides concrete clues as to what went wrong in their SAP landscape.

What does audit actually mean?

An audit examines whether processes, requirements as well as  guidelines meet the required standard.uch an examination procedure often takes place within the framework of a quality management system (Source). Audits are carried out by an auditor specially trained for this purpose. (Source)

In the context of, for example, a HANA migration or even in the ongoing operation of a certification or recertification, it may be necessary for you to prove that you have complied with certain processes and how they have run in the course of an auditing. These processes also include regularly supplying the SAP test systems with new test data by means of a system copy.

For this proof, data usually has to be collected  and prepared in a document. This is time-consuming and is certainly not one of the preferred tasks of SAP Basis employees.

General checklist for your IT audit processes:

✅Analysis of security patches and software updates.
✅ Document your current security policies and procedures.
✅ Identifying vulnerabilities in your existing firewall
✅ Data encryption - implementing best practices
✅ Checking whether data security & compliance are ensured
✅ Update and test disaster recovery and roadmap for failure scenarios
✅ Security review of wireless networks
✅ Scan and identify network access point.

Auditing support via Libelle SystemCopy (LSC)

Libelle SystemCopy (LSC) offers  the possibility to automating the steps for a homogeneous system copy. The information generated during this  process is automatically prepared in a document.

Among other things, you can use our automatic reports to verify the consistent quality of the refreshes. There is a uniform handling for all operating systems and database management systems. Below you can see excerpts from an LSC report.

Overview in which system the system copy was executed.

Compact overall overview of the execution

Overall results of the tasks

Information which error occurred and comment of the check.

LSC offers  investment security through simple and understandable handling, infrastructure independence and attractive licensing models.

But even if no audit is pending, the LSC execution report will give you a very good indication of what has been going on within  your SAP landscape.

Note: You want to migrate your IT to SAP® S/4HANA®?

As Libelle IT Group, we offer you various tools that make your preparation much easier. Whether it's automated system copies, data protection-compliant test data anonymization or master data maintenance: we can support you with your HANA migration. Find out more now!

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