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As many possibilities as SAP® ERP software offers – business processes and workflows need a lot of attention in terms of monitoring and management. Tasks that can be extremely time-consuming and costly, especially when handled manually.

Leave work such as the monitoring of SAP business processes, the management of IDocs or the quality assurance of your master data to the automated software solutions of the Libelle IT Group and save yourself and your IT effort and costs. Through numerous projects in the SAP environment, we have been able to and continue to optimize our software and cover a wide variety of use cases. Let our examples and best practices inspire you and show you how our solutions can help you automate SAP business processes.

Your benefits

  • Automation: Through our years of experience in SAP, we regularly implement predefined and customizable algorithms in our solutions that automate processes and tasks.
  • Reliability: System errors or faulty IDocs can lead to the collapse of important processes. Our solutions therefore monitor your SAP systems 24/7 and react automatically when a problem occurs.
  • Overview: With the help of our traffic light system and central dashboards, you always have a complete overview of the status of your business processes in SAP.

Typical scenarios

Automate SAP system monitoring and troubleshooting

With over 60 proven and customizable standard checks, Libelle SABMON ensures permanent and reliable monitoring of your SAP systems and processes.

Our software always runs in the background and informs you automatically and clearly when an error occurs or at freely definable intervals. You also benefit from automated reactions to system errors and meaningful reporting.

Ensure reliable IDoc workflows

As the central data exchange format between SAP systems, an IDoc enables smooth business processes such as the transmission of purchase orders or invoices.

To ensure that these workflows always run smoothly, our Libelle EDIMON solution monitors all your IDocs, notifies your IT and specialist departments immediately in the event of errors and rectifies them quickly and automatically. The central cockpit also clearly summarizes the status of all IDocs and creates clear reports.

Simple master data management for best data quality

Regular maintenance and checking of master data in SAP can be extremely time-consuming and cost-intensive, but at the same time it is indispensable for a high quality of your data.

With the Libelle MasterDataServiceSuite, we offer you a toolbox with six automated solutions for optimal master data management. Automate and simplify these tasks, among others:

  • Master data analysis
  • Mass maintenance
  • GDPR-compliant master data anonymization
  • Creation of workflows and responsibilities
  • Conversion and migration of your master data

Automated SAP system copies and test data anonymization

We also provide automated solutions for other areas and tasks in SAP. Create fully automated system copies with Libelle SystemCopy – whether on-premises, hybrid or in the cloud.

The GDPR-compliant anonymization of your test data succeeds with Libelle DataMasking. The advantage: all anonymized test data retains its logical consistency and thus enables valid and realistic testing.

More information is available in one of our free whitepapers or directly from our experts.

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