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Process automation with Libelle IT Group


Process automation as part of digitalization: both large and small companies rely on the most intelligent and sophisticated software possible to automate and accelerate processes.

With numerous solutions, innovations and use cases, we have been actively driving this technological development for more than 28 years. We serve national and international customers in various areas of software and process automation – whether it's system copies, data anonymization, disaster recovery or SAP® monitoring!

Your benefits

  • Simplification: Our software not only automates processes, but should also be easy to use. In addition to an intuitive UI, we therefore provide you with predefined algorithms, among other things.
  • Speed: Acceleration through automation: With the solutions of Libelle IT Group you optimize the time and monetary expenditure of numerous IT tasks and processes.
  • Overview: Clean GUIs, central dashboards and automatic notifications provide a structure and overview that can be quickly grasped.

Typical scenarios

End-to-end automation of system copies

SAP Basis employees are familiar with this problem: manual system copies are extremely time-consuming and require days of concentration for several hundred steps.

With Libelle SystemCopy, this is exactly where we come in and automate the entire process of your system copies, including all pre- and post-processing. On-premises, hybrid or in the cloud. Since our developers always keep an eye on the overall process, we also offer you automated anonymization of your test data with Libelle DataMasking.

Data anonymization – automated, secure and logically consistent

Companies all over the world have to particularly protect sensitive data. This applies not only to productive data, but also to personal data on your test systems.

With our tool Libelle DataMasking, you anonymize this data in an automated, data protection-compliant and logically correct manner. This means you can run valid and realistic tests even after anonymization. This is how our solution ensures a smooth and automated process.

Disaster recovery and high availability for fail-safe processes

If IT is attacked by cyber criminals or comes to a standstill due to natural disasters or other failures, not only systems but company-wide processes are affected.

Our HA/DR solution Libelle BusinessShadow® ensures not only the high availability of your systems, but also that of your processes in the event of a disaster. As with all our solutions classic on-premises, hybrid or in the cloud. For environments in SAP or other systems.

SAP processes simplified and automated

The range of possibilities offered by SAP software is enormous. However, many users and SAP administrators complain about unnecessarily manual tasks and processes within SAP that are time-consuming and costly.

In addition to the aforementioned automation of SAP system copies, we also automate the following tasks:

Libelle EDIMON

IDoc monitoring with automated error-correction


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