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Libelle Disaster Recovery Solutions
and Use Cases

3D image showing a standby-system surrounded by malicious servers

Cybercrime, natural disasters and other worst cases: companies are facing ever greater threats and challenges to their IT.

How do you protect systems from ransomware, viruses, fires or other logical and physical failures? How do you ensure that the IT is available again as quickly as possible and without data loss in a worst-case scenario? And how do you succeed in achieving optimal values in the areas of RTO, RPO and RCO?

Our use cases give you insights into why Libelle BusinessShadow® is the perfect answer to these questions and many other topics in the field of disaster recovery and high availability.

Your benefits

  • Speed

    All our solutions in the area of HA/DR are designed to provide you with complete and error-free systems and data as quickly and automatically as possible in an emergency.

  • Security

    The Libelle time funnel provides you with error-free and consistent data. Switch your systems quickly and easily to a point in time before an error occurs.

  • High availability

    With hassle-free long-distance mirroring, the time funnel and highly automated features, our solutions deliver the best possible high availability and optimal values in terms of RTO, RPO and RCO.

The Libelle time funnel:
Efficient, consistent, patented

A central and patented component of Libelle BusinessShadow is the so-called "time funnel". This is used to mirror the data from the productive system to the standby system with a time delay.

The big advantage: In case of a problem, you can easily and quickly switch your mirror system to a point in time before the error occurred. This allows users to continue their work directly with correct and consistent data. The time offset can be set individually at any time.

Do you have any questions about the Libelle time funnel? Our experts will be happy to help you!

Typical Use Cases from the Field of Disaster Recovery and how our Solutions can Help You

Automated and fast switchover after cyberattacks

Hacker attacks now affect almost all companies. No matter if it is an attack with ransomware, trojans or anything else: In an emergency, maximum high availability of your systems and the fastest possible disaster recovery is what counts.

With Libelle BusinessShadow®, we provide you with a highly automated solution that immediately switches your systems and lets cyberattacks go nowhere. Regardless of infrastructure, architecture and distance. Learn more now in our free whitepaper for SAP systems or for other system environments.

Avoid natural disasters with global mirroring

Fires, earthquakes or floods: Natural disasters pose a major risk to any IT. The best-case scenario is for companies to distribute their systems across different countries and continents.

With the LongDistance option, you can precisely achieve this global mirroring in an automated and bandwidth-optimized manner via wide area networks (WAN). You can learn more on this in our free whitepaper.

Typical user errors

In addition to classic disaster recovery scenarios such as cyberattacks or natural disasters, users can also cause a system failure.

Here, too, our patented and dynamically adjustable time funnel is convincing with its automated switchover to the standby system within minutes. Time-delayed, of course, so that you can continue working with a consistent and error-free data set after an application error occurs.

Disaster Recovery on-Cloud or Hybrid

Both Libelle BusinessShadow® and our cloud variant Libelle CloudShadow work independently of system and application architectures. For us and our solutions, it makes no difference whether you rely on on-premises, cloud or hybrid: We protect your IT from a wide variety of failures.

In the cloud, we leverage the power of various cloud providers such as IBM Cloud. Find out more in-depth about our whitepapers now or get in touch with one of our experts.

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