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Libelle Cloud Solutions
and Use Cases

3D image of a memory chip under a cloud

Big Data, the Internet of Things, or Industry 4.0: with the cloud solutions of the Libelle IT Group, your software and system infrastructure is ideally matched to the requirements of modern IT.

In addition to internationally active companies from countless industries, cloud providers of the most diverse sizes also trust our IT and cloud expertise. For years, we have been developing scalable, fast, and secure solutions that are optimized not only for on-premises landscapes, but also for cloud and hybrid scenarios. You can get a deeper insight into our cloud portfolio in the use cases below or in a personal conversation with one of our experts.

Your benefits

  • Flexibility

    Libelle software allows you to take advantage of one of the greatest benefits of the cloud: maximum flexibility for you and your deployed resources on a global scale.

  • Safety

    All of our solutions comply with the requirements of the GDPR and are regularly checked for further security aspects.

  • Efficiency

    Highly efficient and fully automated: that's what we've stood for for 27 years. Together with you and our products, we leverage the full potential of the cloud.

You can find Libelle IT Group in these cloud marketplaces
Logo of Amazon AWS Marketplace
Libelle DataMasking at the Amazon AWS marketplace
Libelle SystemCopy at the Amazon AWS marketplace
Logo of Microsoft Azure
Libelle DataMasking at the Microsoft Azure marketplace
Libelle SystemCopy at the Microsoft Azure marketplace
Logo of IBM Cloud
Libelle CloudShadow at IBM Cloud

Success in the Cloud with Libelle IT Group

Data protection on AWS and Azure

GDPR-compliant data anonymization in the cloud - automated, secure, and with logically correct and realistic test data that ensures referential integrity?

With Libelle DataMasking, you can take your cybersecurity and the further development of your system landscape to a new level. Now also available on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Save installation effort and benefit from the flexibility of the cloud!

System copies in the cloud

In addition to classic on-premises use, you can also use our fully automated Libelle SystemCopy solution either hybrid or completely in the cloud. Our experts will take care of the implementation optimally tailored to your needs within a few days.

You can also find Libelle SystemCopy on demand on the AWS and Azure marketplaces.

Disaster recovery for cloud- or hybrid-powered system

With our patented time funnel principle, we guarantee fast and automated disaster recovery for all system architectures.

Whether in the cloud, hybrid or on-premises, our solutions Libelle BusinessShadow and Libelle CloudShadow protect quickly and automatically against a wide range of failures. In doing so, we leverage the power of various cloud providers such as the IBM Cloud. Contact our experts now for custom advice!

Further use cases

In addition to the scenarios already mentioned, we offer you many other use cases in the area of cloud and hybrid operation with our solutions and know-how.

Arrange a personal consultation with a Libelle expert now or find out more about our software solutions in our free whitepapers.

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