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University Hospital Basel: Effort for system copies reduced

CompanyUniversity Hospital Basel
SectorHealth Care
Employeesapprox. 7637


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The 44 clinics of the University Hospital Basel cover the entire spectrum of human medicine. In addition, there are eight medical centers where close interdisciplinary cooperation between various specialists is practiced around specific fields of treatment. The emergency center is the first point of contact for medical emergencies in northwestern Switzerland.


IT had to plan change management and deadlines for changes to the SAP environment carefully and for a long time in advance. This was mainly due to the fact that system refreshes required a lot of effort. "For our business operations, we only perform three to six system copies per year, which means two per system landscape. That doesn't sound like much, but the challenge is that around 30 other clinical applications - including many non-SAP systems - have to be copied at the same time," explains Freidoun Younansardaroud, IT SAP specialist at Basel University Hospital.


Today, a complete change process requires a maximum of two weeks and fewer IT staff. Where previously all module managers had to be involved, today the supervisors of the respective developments and the affected modules are sufficient. Libelle SystemCopy has also made it possible to significantly reduce the implementation time. With the templates for Libelle SystemCopy, Freidoun Younansardaroud and his SAP Basis supervisors can be sure that all databases, files, folders, links and settings are transferred correctly according to the specifications. Post-processing, which used to take staff one to two days, now runs automatically.

Customer feedback

Internal users at USB have a more reliable, compliant SAP environment to use. The largely automated process of system refreshes with SystemCopy has significantly shortened scheduled downtimes for maintenance tasks. Younansardaroud sums up: "Previously, errors were always possible. But the sources of error that always threatened manual system refreshes no longer exist."


The accuracy and error-free execution of System Refreshes relieves the burden on SAP Basis administrators and all module owners. Libelle SystemCopy has also facilitated the further development of SAP applications in sandboxing. Based on the positive experience, the implementation of Libelle DataMasking for the anonymization of data records for SAP applications is also currently being prepared .

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