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Libelle DataMasking: Consistent Anonymization of SAP and Non-SAP environments2018-08-28T15:44:53+00:00

Automated and consistent anonymization of test data in SAP and non-SAP environments with

Libelle DataMasking (LDM)

Fulfill the official requirements of the general data protection regulations (GDPR) and internal guidelines also on your test systems. Automatically identify potentially sensitive and sensible data. Continue to give all developers and external consultants full access to development/test systems. Allow training participants to practice with realistic data. Avoid the outflow of sensitive data. Specifically define which data should be anonymized and how it should be done. Avoid penalties due to privacy incidents. Keep undisturbed business climate within the company.

Your advantages

  • Consistent anonymisation across all landscapes and systems, for SAP and non-SAP systems.
  • Effective methods of data object analyzation, for one-time and regular detection of potentially sensitive data structures.
  • Predefined anonymization profiles included in the standard, incl. usual attributes and methods to satisfy common anonymization regulations.
  • Alternative anonymization methods available and extensible.
  • Individual rules definable.
  • Automatically rebuild indexes to ensure correct and fast queries.
  • Anonymization runs automatic and unattended.
  • Easy integration into higher-level processes, such as SAP system refresh activities.
  • Target data: Realistic personal data
  • Target data: Realistic or real existing address data
  • Target data: Unique personnel numbers
  • Target data: Account and credit card numbers with the correct check digits
  • Target data: reference data from external (public and/or company-own) sources can be integrated
    … and much more already out-of-the-box

Options and Packages

If you just want to check if and where potentially sensitive data is stored in your systems: LDM DataAnalyzer is the analysis component of the overall Libelle DataMasking solution. You get an overview of all tables and fields of a database in which the LDM DataAnalyzer suspects sensitive data. The result can be used for a later LDM implementation.
If one or more SAP clients should be refreshed or copied: Libelle ClientCopy is an en to end solution for this scenario, can also be easily combined with Libelle SystemCopy and Libelle SystemClone. And fully integrates with Libelle DataMasking.

If an existing SAP environment shout get refreshed. Libelle SystemCopy is an end to end solution for this scenario, can also be easily combined with Libelle SystemClone and Libelle ClientCopy. And fully integrates with Libelle DataMasking.

If a new non-productive SAP system based on an existing system is to be built (Sandboxes & Co). Libelle SystemClone is an end to end solution for this scenario and can also be easily combined with Libelle SystemCopy and Libelle ClientCopy. And fully integrates with Libelle DataMasking. 

Supported Platforms

OS:Linux, Unix, Windows, i, z
Applications:In general: all types of database-centric applications running in above mentioned environments
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