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How Libelle BusinessShadow® and Libelle DataMasking help you to complying with critical infrastructure protection

With Libelle BusinessShadow®, you get a highly automated solution which ensures optimized business continuity, data security as well as data consistency, protecting critical infrastructures (CRITIS) from prolonged IT downtime and data loss. Based on Shared Nothing, it can switch from a compressed system to a healthy one within a few minutes. Both for on-premises, hybrid or on-cloud.

A visualization of the time funnel of the software Libelle BusinessShadow

The patented time funnel principle: after all transactions are copied to the standby system, log files are first kept in the so-called time funnel

Regarding CRITIS, Libelle BusinessShadow® offers you among other things:

  • Application independence
  • Use on-premises, hybrid and on cloud
  • Automation of important tasks
Supported databases
  • IBM® DB2
  • MariaDB®
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL®
  • SAP® ASE
  • SAP® MaxDB
You can find more technical data on the product page of Libelle BusinessShadow®

What Libelle DataMasking offers you for CRITIS-compliant IT

Secure data handling also plays an important role for critical infrastructures. With Libelle DataMasking, you get a solution that provides automated as well as fast GDPR-compliant test data management. Anonymize real data realistically for your test systems and therefore ensure optimized data protection.

Libelle DataMasking Frontend shows the post phase

The clearly arranged GUI of Libelle DataMasking shows you, among other things, the anonymization progress divided into four phases at a glance

You can find more technical data on the product page of Libelle DataMasking
Excerpt of the anonymization algorithms
  • Addresses
  • E-mail addresses
  • IBANs
  • Names
  • Numbers
  • Organizations
Supported databases and database connectors
  • LcSAP
  • MariaDB®
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • ODBC
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL®
  • SAP® ASE

Your CRITIS-relevant added value through the use of Libelle solutions

Data protection

Anonymized data protects against unwanted data access or even data theft on your non-productive systems


All our solutions meet the requirements of data protection regulations such as GDPR , HIPAA, PIPEDA, GLBA, FERPA and PCI DS


Libelle BusinessShadow® provides you with a standby system, with optimal values in the area of RPO, RTO and RCO


Features like predefined SAP templates or our time funnel make your daily work easier

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Protecting your business from threats such as cyberattacks, natural disasters or user errors is more relevant than ever.

Optimize your IT and work with our solutions, which is always CRITIS compliant.