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The Company

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The values "courageous", "energetic", "close," and "future-oriented" describe the mentality of the Libelle company. This also applies to our products, services, and advice - and has done so since our foundation in 1994.

Our IT solutions in database, SAP Basis, and other environments are developed, implemented, and maintained by us. With around 100 experts in the Libelle Group, we work resolutely to put you in the best possible position for automation in the areas of availability and disaster prevention, anonymization, SAP Basis operation, SAP monitoring, and SAP master data. We have branches in Germany, the USA, and France. Through our sales partner network, we are available worldwide.

The company is led by the management team consisting of Hans-Joachim Krüger (CTO) and Johann Vranic (CEO). They also actively support the day-to-day business and work on the products and services. The common goal is to expand the company as a technological market leader through continuous innovation and dynamism and to place it on the market.

Management team of Libelle AG - Hans-Joachim Krüger (CTO) and Johann Vranic (CEO)
Management Team of Libelle AG - Hans-Joachim Krüger (CTO)

Hans-Joachim Krüger


Responsible for the development and optimization of products, identification and development of innovations, as well as for the strategic orientation of the company. Hans-Joachim Krüger studied computer science at the Technical University of Braunschweig and has been passionate about software and technology ever since, because it is through them that innovations are driven worldwide. Software will continue to bring many positive changes in the future, and Libelle will contribute to this with its solutions.

Management Team of Libelle AG - Johann Vranic (CEO)

Johann Vranic


Mr. Johann Vranic initially served on the Supervisory Board of Libelle AG before joining the Executive Board on 01.10.2020. After studying economics and Sinology in Tübingen, he worked for several companies, mainly in export. He gained his first experience as a managing director for the company Gretsch-Unitas in China about 20 years ago. About ten years later, he managed a plant for the company Bitzer GmbH in Sindelfingen. With his organizational and sales skills and experience, he complements the technical area on the board, which is driven by Mr. Krüger.

Libelle Group

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  • Headquarters
  • Based in Stuttgart and Schwelm
  • Founded in 1994 and 2014
  • Distributor
  • Based near Paris
  • Founded in 2014
  • Distributor
  • Based in Atlanta, GA
  • Founded in 2009
  • Development
  • Based in Lipik
  • Founded in 2020

Technology partners

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Our customers particularly appreciate the high quality of our products, as well as the reliability of our services. We achieve this through precise and meticulous working methods, for which Libelle AG has consistently held ISO 9001 certification for over 15 years.

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What Makes Us Special

A structured and thorough way of working is a matter of course and mandatory for us. Our products and services also have an outstanding quality, are reliable, and reduce high time and monetary expenditures in IT through automation. That is our basic understanding and that is why we go the extra mile when it comes to our values. This is how we offer you solutions - so simple and practical that you will be thrilled.

Our Values

Icon Near - Two people with a light bulb and a question mark over their heads


Close and open contact with our customers, partners, and interested parties is important to us. Together we take care of the implementation of the software and work out individual adaptations so that you can optimally use our solutions to support your IT and concentrate on other important tasks. By means of meet-ups and annual discussions, we listen to you carefully. This closeness is essential for us to constantly improve ourselves and our products.

Icon Active - Three people standing close together


Our products already deliver many proven functionalities such as standard templates and anonymization algorithms. Nevertheless, we also constantly adapt them to your needs. We react quickly and purposefully to inquiries and actively support you in the event of challenges to the smooth operation of the software. After all, we want you to be as enthusiastic about our products as we are.

Icon Courageous - Ladder that reaches into the clouds


GDPR-compliant data, high availability of systems, or the move to the cloud - the requirements for IT infrastructures and data change daily, and our products help you to meet them. To achieve this, we also have to boldly break new ground. We have been inventing and developing our own software for 27 years and have brought several innovations to the market.

Icon Future-oriented - Rocket rising towards the sky


The digital world is evolving by the second. That's why we remain curious and follow the innovations and trends on the market and, through the exchange with our customers, individual needs. Only when these adaptations have proven themselves and offer added value for our customers do they merge into our solutions and our portfolio. After all, our software should not only be forward-looking, but also reliable and secure.

Our Motivation

Our expectations were high and we were not disappointed.
So simple, it impressed us all.
Contemporary, economical, and technically high-quality.

Our vision and promise can be very well derived from the feedback we receive from our customers. We want to impress you with our products and our service.

Once impressed, always Libelle.


We have been developing and programming our own software for more than 27 years. Because we know our products down to the smallest detail and always respond to our customers' requirements, we are experts in our field. But we don't just react, we also set standards. We can proudly look back on several innovations that have excited the IT market.

Founding of Libelle Informatik GmbH

First script-based project solutions


First product: Libelle DBShadow


Move to Stuttgart - our current headquarters


New product: Libelle FSShadow®

New product:
Libelle SwitchApplication

First partnership with IBM


First installations in the USA through our partner Aivant LP


New complete package:
Libelle BusinessShadow®

Founding of Libelle LLC with headquarters in Atlanta, GA USA


The company was subsequently renamed Libelle AG

New product family:
Libelle SystemCopy


Founding of Libelle sarl near Paris

Acquisition of Conforsoft GmbH in Schwelm

New product family:
Libelle SABMON

New product family:
Libelle EDIMON


New product family:
Libelle DataMasking

New product family:
Libelle MasterDataServiceSuite


Foundation of the company datamir d.o.o. in Lipik

New product:
Libelle DataGenerator

Libelle products available in the marketplaces of Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure

Libelle eXpress
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