Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure

Libelle DataMasking available on cloud marketplaces

Libelle DataMasking in the Cloud

Utilize the power of Libelle DataMasking in its entirety via the cloud-marketplaces and get to know it first hand, available at any time!

New business requirements can force IT landscapes to be moved partially or completely to the cloud. The general trend is toward a hybrid IT landscape consisting of cloud and on-premises setups.

Anonymize Personal and Sensitive Data Consistently

Libelle DataMasking anonymizes sensitive data extremely quickly and in such a way that it no longer has a concrete personal reference. Afterwards, however, testable data that looks like "real" is still available on the non-productive systems. The referential integrity of your entire landscape is maintained. Anonymization is logically consistent across all landscapes and system boundaries. For SAP® and non-SAP systems. On-Premises. Hybrid. On-Cloud.

Anonymize non-productive Systems On-Cloud

You can anonymize your data securely and easily via the marketplaces of Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure with our Libelle DataMasking solution. Relieve your daily workload and get to know Libelle DataMasking!

No installation effort

We offer Libelle DataMasking as a so-called Machine Image. You only need to launch an instance on which this image comes prepackaged.

If you want to make changes to the instance at a later time, you can create a Snapshot of your system, which will inherit all the configurations and settings you have made

Bring Your Own License

Libelle DataMasking is provided as a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) Cloud-Offering. This means you have to purchase a valid license from us, which you then import into your On-Cloud machine.

With this license, you always receive full capabilites. However, there are two different types of licenses:

  • License: This allows you to use Libelle DataMasking for either a limited or unlimited amount of time, allowing for multiple anonymization runs
  • Ticket: A ticket is only valid for the duration of one anonymization run

On-Premises Landscape

"What if my data stores are On-Premises? Can I then use this offering as well?"

Of course, this requires Libelle DataMasking to be able to reach your data stores. For this purpose, the Libelle DataMasking instance can be launched with a Virtual Private Cloud, which you can then connect to your company network via a Site-to-Site Connection.

This means that the Libelle DataMasking instance can be reached via a private IP address just like a local machine in your company network.

Consistent processes

In Cloud-environments, you can employ Libelle DataMasking to its full extent. Once anonymization configurations have been created, they can be transferred and imported to other systems without ease, so that the anonymization consistently yields the same results.

This means that the additional environments you create can be easily integrated into the existing system landscape, and you can focus entirely on your business processes!

Libelle DataMasking

Data masking in the cloud

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