April 22, 2021

IT security concepts ensure business continuity

AuthorAndreas Sebecke

In the course of digitization, data must be permanently available more than ever. In practice, however, it is seen time and again that there are significant disruptions to business operations due to a system failure or data loss, with fatal consequences if business-critical items are not available. This results not only in financial disadvantages, but also in intangible damage such as loss of image and customer dissatisfaction.

Legislation puts IT decision-makers under obligation

n addition to the pure loss of data and possible system downtimes, a failure can also have consequences under liability law. Securing data becomes an important matter for the boss. This is because current legislation also places the onus on IT managers to protect important systems and thus business-critical data from failure in accordance with current legal regulations and framework conditions. If data backup is neglected, this may be gross negligence according to the law and can jeopardize the continued existence of the company.

Data loss mostly caused by logical errors?

The most common causes leading to data loss or system failure are due to logical errors. Sources of error include, for example, damaged data imports, sabotage by third parties, failed maintenance work, unintentional deletion, or errors in the operation of complex IT environments. To ensure smooth business operations even in the event of logical errors, a solution is needed that consistently protects data and processes and allows them to be accessed again quickly despite a system failure.

Software solution transfers data to a mirror server with a time delay

The requirements for availability and disaster recovery solutions with critical recovery time, recovery point, and recovery consistency objective are met with intelligent and consistent mirror concepts for database and application environments. Solutions are therefore required that enable the IT landscape to be mirrored in a comprehensive and consistent manner.
There are many solutions for mirroring data. But only a few function as a single source, both in SAP and other environments as well as in heterogeneous application environments. Only one combines all this and mirrors applications, databases, and file systems consistently at the logical level: Libelle BusinessShadow. Thus, Libelle's software solution takes over the creation and management of standby systems, enabling continuous availability of corporate data.

Funktionsprinzip von Libelle BusinessShadow

Functional principle of Libelle BusinessShadow

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