May 6, 2021

Client copy brings SAP systems to a standstill

AuthorFranz Diegruber

Locking clients/mandates during client copy can become an enormous nuisance. Especially with large clients, experience has shown that the weekend is already very tight, not to mention "client copy overnight." As a result, many companies are not able to copy as often as they would like. There is simply never the "right" time for a client copy.

This is why many managers have now switched to performing a complete homogeneous SAP system copy instead of a client copy. The advantages here are that even though the volume of data moved in a system copy is greater than that of a client copy, system copies usually result in significantly faster throughput times and thus less downtime in the environments. Organizations that make client copies rather than system copies purely for historical reasons can see quick wins at this point.

Reasons for a client copy

  • The conversion of an existing system landscape is seen as a major expense from an economic point of view, so a client copy is often made
  • Actually several clients, e.g. projects or divisions with different development cycles or freeze periods, which need fresh data on the development, test, and consolidation systems independently of each other
  • Systems connected via interfaces are based on historical, client-dependent interfaces

Client copies still have their reason to exist, but they also have their challenges. The perfect middle ground for some companies, both organizationally and economically, is therefore a two-tier combination of homogeneous system copy and client copy with beneficial side effects: very often, companies not only operate systems along the classic transport path from Dev to Q to Prod, but also project or training environments. It is precisely these systems that are not in continuous operation that are integrated into the overall process.

End-to-end at the push of a button and for the entire landscape

Whether for a sole system copy, for a combination of system and client copy, for a single line, or for a complex landscape, Libelle AG offers an easy-to-use solution. In a common framework of Libelle SystemCopy and Libelle ClientCopy you get a high-quality and flexibly customisable solution for your client copies.

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