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Monitor your system, error, performance, and business data within the SAP system using

Libelle SABMON

Keep an eye on everything with this cockpit solution. Easily monitor your system, error, performance and business data, directly within the SAP system. Define simple and prompt notifications and reactions to errors identified by Libelle SABMON.
Get informed about thresholds exceeded. Fix known errors automatically. Reduce manual effort for SAP system monitoring to an absolute minimum. Increase security, reliability and stability of your system and business processes with minimal effort. 
Libelle SABMON is much more than a useful addition to SolMan & CCMS.

Your advantages

  • All relevant system and business process data at a glance.
  • Out-of-the-box 50+ standard checks.
  • Individual checks and measurements.
  • Developed to run within lots of SAP modules and therefore flexible in use.
  • SOX-compliant via C-Mail (Confirmation Mail).
  • Installation in any SAP systems (also Solution Manager).
  • Fast analysis and error correction from a central point e.g. by event, program start or call of function blocks.
  • Automated notifications by C-Mail, E-Mail or SAP-Mail.
  • Automated corrections.
  • Processing of responses.
  • Interaction with ticket tools.
  • Utilization of the SAP authorization concept.

Options and Packages

If there are too many environments for individual system cockpits: The Libelle SABMONManager is an extension of the classic Libelle SABMON. The SABMONManager is the embracing entity for all your SABMON instances. Tae a look on all system-specific SABMONs at a glance. Easily drilldown and jump to conspicuous or interesting systems.

If manual IDOC monitoring and management becomes a challenge: Libelle EDIMON monitors and manages your IDOCs automatically. EDIMON allows simple and prompt notifications, distributes problematic IDOCs for manual correction to the according people, and automatically corrects known errors.

Supported Platforms

OS:Linux, Unix, Windows
DBMS:HANA, ASE, Oracle, MSSQL, DB2, MaxDB, MySQL, and others
Applications:SAP R/3 and SAP S/4 running in above mentioned environments
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