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WAN-optimized mirroring of applications and databases, powered by the add-on

Libelle Option LongDistance

The add-on to Libelle BusinessShadow and Libelle DBShadow to strengthen your configurations for distance-independent WAN mirroring.

Whether the lines are narrow or brittle, or the environments large or small: Optimize the WAN communication of your application and database mirrors. Reduce requirements to the network in terms of bandwidth and / or quality of service.

Your advantages

  • Fully integrated bandwidth optimization for BusinessShadow and DBShadow
  • Easy to activate for given or new configuration within the known GUI
  • Minimizes latency by customizing the TCP / IP protocol
  • Reduces general data transfer volume based on specific compression methods
  • Customizes package sizes with Libelle’s Very Large Packages Technology

Options and Packages

If only the databases’ availability is not good enough, but also files and IP addresses need to get mirrored: BusinessShadow is the complete package for databases, file systems and IP addresses, mirroring both single applications and complete application landscapes. Of course, you can also combine BusinessShadow and DBShadow for your landscapes, as needed.

If database availability is good enough  DBShadow is the database-only part of BusinessShadow and mirrors individual databases or entire database landscapes. Of course, you can also combine BusinessShadow and DBShadow for your landscapes, as needed.

Supported Platforms

OS:Linux, Unix, Windows
DBMS:HANA, ASE, Oracle, MSSQL, DB2, MaxDB, MySQL, and other
Applications:In general: all types of applications running in above mentioned environments
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