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“Gray, my dear friend, is every theory” (Goethe/Mephistopheles). So you really should experience

Libelle Live

Visit us at several events, register for the regular Libelle webinars, arrange individual live demos, or talk to a Libelle employee first. And many of our customers are happy to answer your questions, as well.

Do not hesitate to get in contact !

Take a sip from the fire hose … Libelle forums, partner fairs, congresses & Co.

Libelle is on fire, nationally and internationally throughout the year, at our own events such as the Libelle TechDays and the local Libelle forums, at the events of our partners, and at the major trade fairs, exhibitions, congresses and conferences of SAP, DSAG, DOAG, USF, CRIP, …… etc.

Are you there too? Then let us meet on the spot. And we do not only satisfy your thirst for knowledge. But you will receive coffee and juices at (almost) all events from us, as well.

Also for shy people… Libelle’s webinar series and individual webinars on special topics.

No time for on-site appointments or trade fair visits? Just needing a short idea of specific topics? Your roof is leaking or the coffee is undrinkable? There are many reasons why technical topics can not always be discussed face to face. But that’s not a problem nowadays.

Do you have a few or even several minutes and want to learn more than given in the Libelle Whitepapers? Then take a look at our webinar plan. When is YOUR topic?

So far and yet so close … Individual web meetings.

Webinars are great, but you are missing one detailed information? Your basic requirements are so special that you want / need to discuss them individually? But  it should not last for hours? Or you simply prefer the one-to-one conversation, even though it is not so easy to plan physically and / or on time? Let us know, we are (almost) always available for an individual webmeeting!

Hand on it … If it’s up to us: on-site appointments. The only true.

You want personal contact, want to make sure the live demo is really live, want to look in someone’s eyes while discussing complex issues and making big promises? Oh yes, we too, hand on it!

All we need from you is a presentation-ready infrastructure (a.k.a. electricity, a white wall, a projector or a large screen / TV). And a cup of coffee. And an appointment.

You are near-by, by accident…? On-site appointment the other way around.

Libelle has four locations or branches with meeting facilities: Stuttgart, Schwelm near Wuppertal in Germany, Paris, Atlanta. In all locations the colleagues are very nice, the chairs are halfway comfortable, the coffee is delicious. Come and visit us!

And if you give us heads-up, we ensure that you will find useful contacts for your topics, as well.

You have a question? We have answers!

All well and good, but you just want to get answered one, two questions? Then just ask, it is really easy… And we also have an official answer on (almost) everything.

Just send us your questions, you will receive the answers from us as soon as possible by appointment, by phone or in writing.

Write us!

Via e-mail: sales@libelle.com

By mail:

Libelle AG
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70565 Stuttgart

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