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Analysis of enterprise databases (SAP and non-SAP) on potentially sensitive data fields with

LDM DataAnalyzer (LDA)

Prepare yourself for the requirements of general data protection regulations (GDPR) and internal guidelines. Identify potentially sensitive and sensible data in your systems once or regularly after a data model change. For the analysis, make use of well-defined data model descriptions such as the SAP Data Dictionary (DDIC) for SAP environments or other documented data models for other application environments, as well as statistical methods for ad hoc data model analysis. Document the results in a report, and prepare next steps for eg. GDPR relevant measures on this basis.

Your advantages

  • No installation: LDM DataAnalyzer runs locally, outside the SAP system, without transports or other interference with your landscape: simply copy to a local directory and start.
  • Minimized runtime: after a few minutes, you have your CSV report per system, available for your own documentation or other follow-up processing
  • Upgradeable: You like the results you see? Then do a simple upgrade to the complete package Libelle DataMasking

Royalty free freemium version to try out

Download for Linux, Unix or Windows: LDM DataAnalyzer Freemium-Tool

Options and Packages

If GDPR and/or your own policies demand anonymized test data: Libelle DataMasking is the full package inluding the DataAnalyzer and realizes consistent, realistic and, above all, meaningful test data on the basis of your productive data. Libelle DataMasking is an independent solution whose configurations can be seamlessly integrated into the processes of all Libelle Automation solutions.

Supported Platforms

OS:Linux, Unix, Windows
DBMS:HANA, ASE, Oracle, MSSQL, DB2, MaxDB, MySQL, and others
Applications:In general: all types of database-centric applications running in above mentioned environments
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