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Automated end-to-end refreshes for your SAP clients with

Libelle ClientCopy (LCC)

The software solution to completely automate SAP client refreshes / client copies, including all pre and post activities.

Refresh non-productive clients in development and testing with fresh production data at any time, at the push of a button. Unban SAP basis administrators to do the same things again and again. Execute client copies end-to-end, including all pre- and post-processing. Reduce the runtime of your client copies. Ensure consistent quality and comprehensive reporting.

Your advantages

  • Simple, flexible and person-independent execution of client refreshes by pushing a button
  • Out-of-the-box support for all typical SAP environments
  • Predefined “90% standard templates” with all typical activities incl. handling of BDLS, indices, transport queues etc.
  • Highly flexible customization options for system-specific requirements
  • Support for all SAP applications / usage types, as well as single stack and double stack.
  • No additional infrastructure components required.
  • Integration of non-SAP applications .
  • Reduced runtime thanks to automated and optimized pre- and post-processing, optimized processes (eg BDLS)
  • Automated documentation of configurations and individual client refresh runs.
  • Consistent quality of client copies.
  • Independence from the availability of individuals, e.g. due to vacation or illness
  • Control with an easy-to-use GUI or the shell interface
  • Implementation per configuration during 1-3 days in average

Options and Packages

If a complete non-productive system should get refreshed. Same framework, different task repository: Libelle SystemCopy can also be easily combined with Libelle SystemClone and Libelle ClientCopy.

If a new non-productive system based on an existing system is to be built (Sandboxes & Co). Same framework, different task repository: Libelle SystemClone can also be easily combined with Libelle SystemCopy and Libelle ClientCopy.

If GDPR and/or your own policies demand anonymized test data: Libelle DataMasking realizes consistent, realistic and, above all, meaningful test data on the basis of your productive data. Libelle DataMasking is an independent solution whose configurations can be seamlessly integrated into the processes of all Libelle Automation solutions.

Supported Platforms

OS:Linux, Unix, Windows, i, z
Applications:SAP R/3 and SAP S/4 running in above mentioned environments
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