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Libelle White Paper - Innovative automized Solutions

Advanced Automation and Optimization of System Copy Procedures for SAP® Systems

This White Paper describes the process involved in creating Homogenous System Copies and outlines how procedures can be automated and optimized with Libelle SystemCopy (LSC).

Typically, there are numerous manual tasks involved for executing a System Copy procedure which can spread over days and may block precious and expensive re-sources of the most skilled SAP Basis Professionals.

Libelle SystemCopy (LSC) is a framework-based software solution to create fully au-tomated System Copies for SAP applications. It furnishes ready-to-go QAS- or Test System with fresh production data. It supports single- or dual-stack SAP implementations on Oracle®, MaxDB™, DB2®, SAP HANA®, Sybase/SAP® Adaptive Server® Enterprise or Microsoft SQL Server® databases and can be integrated in popular Storage Snapshots® or SnapMirror® tools. SystemCopy Tasks can run outside the ABAP stack and include database import/export operation, com-mand scripts, SQL operations, or the execution of SAP transactions....


High Availability and Disaster Recovery with Libelle BusinessShadow

This White Paper presents the basics of High Availability and Disa­s­ter Recovery and the technology that supports the flagship Libelle mirroring solution BusinessShadow® for HA and DR.

 It includes an overview on how the solution is positioned in the enterprise market as well as important considerations for set­ting up replication solu­tions for the Enterprise IT.


Designing a bullet-proof Disaster Recovery Architecture for SAP Systems


While real disaster incidents are rare, the impacts are dramatic. What if your SAP production site becomes unavailable? How much data would you lose? How much downtime can you afford? Who would take responsibility?

A functioning Disaster Recovery Architecture will make or break the survival of a business in a worst case scenario. This White Paper is aiding companies to design a practical and comprehensive architecture.





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