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Time-saving automated switching process for applications and databases

SwitchApplication enables you to switch over applications (e.g. SAP) and databases automatically to another system. Business-critical systems now can be switched over fastly and safely so that you can continue your business amazingly fast. Due to downtime minimization, the realization of switchover tests (emergency tests) is possible within a marginal time slot.

Usually, the effort to switchover a server or a complete system environment manually is extremely high. In case of emergency, in which every seconds count, this could be very critical.

SwitchApplication minimizes the downtime of a planned or unplanned switchover by providing:

Automated failover processes

Automatic allocation of virtual IP addresses/hostnames to the mirror system.

Minimization of manual intervention on application level, e.g. no profile adaptation in case of a database switchover.

Extremely easy operation via a graphical user interface (GUI). Specific administration know-how is not required.

Integrated switchover in association with DBShadow® and FSShadow® via defined user-interfaces.

To enable this, additional IP addresses and hostnames will be assigned to the production system. Now this server will identify itself exclusively by virtual addressing within the network. Other instances (e.g. applications, other servers or clients) interacting with this secured system connect to this server via the virtual IP addresses respectively the virtual hostnames.

In case of a switchover, e.g. because of an event or in a crisis situation, the virtual IP address and the virtual hostname switches over to the mirror server system. Using the familiar, unmodified virtual IP address respectively virtual hostname, associated systems now connect to the mirror system, without manual interaction or reboot of the server. 

SwitchApplication is a component of BusinessShadow and an addition to DBShadow and FSShadow.

System requirements

  • IP-addresses available