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EDIMON - Automated IDoc Monitoring for distributed SAP® system landscapes

Libelle EDIMON is a simplified way to monitor and manage IDocs across your SAP® System Landscape. The solution automates typical monitoring and troubleshooting tasks in regards to the management of IDocs. It allows you to have a clear picture of the transfer of critical information in and out of your business. So you always know if the data transfers of your business operations run smoothly. When thresholds exceed defined values, you will be automatically informed and alarmed, or errors will be corrected immediately. With EDIMON you dispatch the IDoc-correction from SAP-Basis to responsible business department.

EDIMON runs in the background and flags invalid or unconfirmed IDocs, which are then displayed in the EDIMON Cockpit. Alternativly notifications by E-Mail, SAP-Mail, or SOC-conform C-Mails can be configured. The solution comes with a repository of monitoring tasks with best practices to determine threshold for critical IDoc statuses and vast cusomization options.

EDIMON allows for the setup of triggers for automatic error correction covering known error statuses. This feature replaces tedious manual and repetitive troubelshooting tasks with a pre-defined automated process.

Why Libelle EDIMON?

EDIMON runs in the background: failures are detected immediately and without personal effort. The right actions will automatically be initiated (for example notifications by c-mail, e-mail, SAP-mail … or corrections by selecting function modules or programs)
Very clear and well-structured cockpit that shows faulty or not recorded IDocs at a glance.
EDIMON is „ready-to-run“, i.e. it is quickly installed and up and running in a few days. Your own parameters and rules can easily be added or changed.
You are not adhered to the specified SAP standards for the emphasis of each IDoc status, so you can customize the assessments of IDoc status. Also other SAP systems can be interfaced easily.

Measure, analyze, document and historicize data and reactions: Safety of argumentation in trend and capacity planning with permanently available meaningful reports.

Reduce the workload of IT teams.

Meets the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) in terms of the internal control system (ICS).