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CODADIC - The Enterprise Wiki for your SAP® System


Company specific data are subject to permanent changes. To ensure that information is available at any time at the right place CODADIC combines your SAP® system with your corporate knowledge.

Company-specific knowledge is often spread over various sources and known only by few employees. So it takes much time to get the right information, and besides that other colleagues are often disturbed in their own work.

Link the SAP® F1 help button with your company-specific knowledge

Secure your company-specific knowledge and make it available to your employees. Quite simply by linking the SAP F1 help button with your company information.

  • CODADIC does provide your special company knowledge to each user.
  • CODADIC does make it easier to share information in your company.
  • CODADIC does collect and save your special company knowledge.
  • CODADIC does support new colleagues in your company team.
  • CODADIC does help to increase the quality of the work results.

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