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Libelle ClientCopy - Copy Clients Fast And Easy


Libelle ClientCopy allows you to copy and process only those clients you actually need for a current QA, testing or other staging system - fast and automated:

•  Without complex planning
•  Fast turnaround and minimum manual intervention during process
•  Standardized procedures with consistent results 
•  Time-triggered or by push of a button

With Libelle ClientCopy - as a component of the Libelle SystemCopy Framework - you get an efficient and powerful solution for copying data, which is easy to manage and requires low storage place.

Create Client Copies at Your Fingertips with Libelle ClientCopy

Supported scenarios include remote client copy (SCC9) and local client copy (SCCL). Client copies with Libelle ClientCopy are carried out much faster than the standard method due to the automated pre- and post-processes.

The entire process includes four individually configurable phases. Depending on the specific system environment, corresponding Libelle standard templates will be available and adapted.

Before the process can be started, you need only to ensure that all RFC tasks, provided by Libelle, are deposited in all involved systems.

The four Libelle ClientCopy processes
  1. Check: Verify environment(s)

  2. Pre-Processing: Inform users, read out specific data to prepare for future activities such as truncates, etc.

  3. Copy-Process: Set relevant parameters, block users, drop specific preliminary work like secondary indexes, deactivate jobs, proceed truncates, copy data according SCC9 or SCCL

  4. Post-Processing: All relevant rework like setting of secondary indexes, if required, standard or optimized BDLS, activate and inform users, activate jobs, etc.

Client Copies Within the Same System or to Another System

Remote Copy (SSC9): Copy of client-specific data from system A to system B, in an identical or another client.

Local Copy (SCCL): Copy of client-specific data within the same system.