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Download How-To-Guide Libelle DataAnalyzer (EN, will follow soon)

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Gain insight of your databases that are relevant to GDPR!

On May 25, 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will enter into force Europe-wide. From then on, sensitive, personal data should be protected following GDPR regulations. First question to arise: what is personal data and where do I find it in my databases?

With its masking and anonymisation solution Libelle DataMasking (LDM), Libelle AG offers a well-known and mature solution, to anonymize and obfuscate non-productive environments (e.g. test, development, sandbox, ...) in a reasonable and consistent way end-to-end.

It is the LDM DataAnalyzer, that we now extracted from the overall solution LDM and published as a small, pragmatic stand-alone tool. It is responsible for the automated analysis of given data structures and provides a concise overview of those areas in your databases, that are relevant to GDPR.

The new GDPR is there. Do you have an overview of YOUR relevant data?

Invest a few minutes of your time: download the LDM DataAnalyzer for SAP systems free of charge, get it on the system running your SAP databases and get  a first overview of the LDA results with a "small" report variant. The full report requires a license we offer for 2990 € per SID.

No installation required

The LDM DataAnalyzer runs locally, outside the SAP system, without transports or other interference with your landscape: just copy to a local directory and start it.

Fast pass

After a few minutes you will have a CSV report per system, available for your own documentation and your further processing.


You like what you see ? Then simply upgrade to the "full" LDM DataAnalyzer or the entire package Libelle DataMasking.

As a stand-alone tool, the LDM DataAnalyzer is currently available for the following environments. If you need it with another platform, contact us, or come back in a couple of days. The platform matrix is ​​being expanded continually .


Download LDM DataAnalyzer Tool!

Download LDM DataAnalyzer Tool!


Windows: Oracle|HANA|MSSQL

AIX: Oracle|HANA


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Please read the how-to guide, especially regarding those standard database libraries, that Libelle AG is not allowed to provide for legal reasons. But we know where you can get it from!


* We suggest to run LDM and LDA only in non-productive environments. If you experience difficulties during the download or if you have questions regarding LDM and LDA, please let us know.