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Automated and Optimized Data Anonymization with authentic values

 Libelle DataMasking (LDM) enables to automate and optimize the anonymization of data. Thus LDM is all-purpose and independent of the application software.

The results are anonymized and consistent data for development and testing environments across all platforms. The anonymization process provides authentic values ​​which allow describing and testing of almost all business transactions.

Libelle DataMasking supports both SAP® systems and non-SAP systems.

(Powerd by Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy Germany)


What is Data Masking?
  • Alienation of data - personal data and all relevant data which require a high confidentiality.

  • Anonymized, consistent data for development and testing of software with real values.


Why Data Masking?
  • Data leak prevention and compliance with data protection guidelines

  • Increasing penalties for violation of confidentiality agreements

The Libelle DataMasking Architecture:



The main features of the standard mechanisms for Libelle DataMasking are for example:
  • Realistic-acting names for persons
  • Correct postal addresses
  • Unique new Personnel Numbers
  • Account numbers with recalculated check digits
  • Credit card numbers with recalculated check digit