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Option Long Distance - Functionality for WAN Environments

Distance Independency thanks to Optimized Bandwidth Requirements 

With Option Long Distance you can react calmly on wide-ranging challenges. Option Long Distance is an additional option for Libelle solutions and products, which bases on standard TCP/IP technology, but integrates optimized WAN utilization due to specific software and protocol adjustments.

An integrated concept of High Availability includes a dedicated focus on Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. True Disaster Recovery requires one or several standby servers. Those servers should be arranged at a remote location (ideally farther away) and should immediately take over functionality to act as database and application servers in case of emergency.

However, traditional concepts of Disaster Recovery solutions are facing serious restrictions such as distance limitations and network latency aligned with high costs for a dedicated line or other communication technologies. 

The Option Long Distance provides, in addition to Libelle solutions and products:    

A specific, high efficient compression to reduce the volume of data transferred

Parallel Archive Shipping (PAS) mechanism, almost completely avoiding latency periods due to adjustments of the TCP/IP standard protocols (contrary to normal sequential package mechanism the bandwidth made available will be completely utilized).

Very Large Packages (VLP) technology, increasing the size of transport packages due to adustments of the TCP/IP standard protocols and therefore reduces once more any latency periods.

A reduction of the required bandwidth up to 80% was measured under laboratory conditions. With real business conditions this value depends on the concrete technical environment.

Please contact us, if you would like to know realistic values for your specific environment. Free of charge and without obligation!