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badenIT GmbH secured with Libelle Solutions two system landscapes with SAP ECC 6.04 on servers from IBM (including IBM System p5 550) AIX, to the storage systems from IBM (IBM System Storage DS4000) connected via a SAN switches from Brocade. (German only)

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BusinessShadow for SAP® Environments

Complete solution to protect the business-critical data of SAP Environments

BusinessShadow® for SAP environments protects your applications, databases, file systems and data center sites. The solution reduces potential downtime and retrieves lost data within minutes, with the most recent, consistent set of data, without the need for restore procedures of backup media - easy to use and cost-effective.
Libelle for HANA-Backint 6.0.6 (BusinessShadow 6.0.6) has been certified for integration with SAP HANA via the SAP integration scenario HANA-BRINT 1.1

An SAP environment consists of the following most important components:

  • Database
  • SAP application and modules
  • SAP data in the file systems (e.g. Java Stack, especially in ECC 6.0 / NetWeaver® 7 architectures)
  • SAP database and application servers

If only one of these components fails, you will not be able to proceed working with your SAP system. RAID and cluster technology are very often the choice to protect SAP environments. But these technologies only protect from physical failures (e.g. storage or CPU breakdown), not from problems in terms of data consistency. If additionally a disaster protection concept with distant data centers should be realised with these technologies, cost very often exceeds benefits.

Any major incident is a race against time in which every second counts.

The innovative Libelle software solution BusinessShadow® offers time-delayed data mirroring providing:

Best possible protection from the consequences of all types of errors: Hardware and logical failures (e.g. software and human error, faulty batch jobs, sabotage) as well as disasters (e.g. fire, flood, power blackout)

Continuous and consistent backup of your databases and file systems

Protection of centralized SAP environments and dependent or independent sub systems (SAP or Non-SAP)
Protection of heterogenious hardware and database environments with any combination of Sybase-/SAP ASE, Oracle, DB2, MSSQL, or MaxDB databases

Automated failover processes for applications and databases

Amazingly fast error recovery after failover to the mirror system. Continue to work with the most recent, consistent set of data after a corruption.

Absolute distance independency between production and mirror system due to TCP/IP mirroring with minimum bandwidth requirement.

Automatic allocation of virtual IP addresses/hostnames to the mirror system

Usability of the mirror systems for additional purposes (e.g. creation of system copies, backups, reportings) without any impact on the production systems during normal operations
Expedient hardware exploitation of mirror systems during normal operation in different, additional function (e.g. DEV or QS systems, additional application server for load balancing)

Minimum of manual intervention on application level

Extremely easy operation via a graphical user interface (GUI). Specific administration know-how is not required.

Hardware independency

Standardized connection to monitoring tools, e.g. Icinga, Nagios, ...

This unique combination of log-file based mirroring (DBShadow®), flat file mirroring (FSShadow®) and IP-switching capabilities (SwitchApplication) makes BusinessShadow the “middle road” between SAN replication and standby databases.

System requirements

  • Same database management system and operating system versions on production and mirror system.
  • Same storage capacity on production and mirror system.
  • TCP/IP socket connections between production and mirror system (LAN or WAN).
  • SAP SID available for both production and mirror system
  • IP addresses available