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Brilliantly Simplified - Simply Brilliant. The Time-Delayed Data Mirror.

Picture of the Libelle Time-FunnelTake an example: Your application crashes at 2:00 pm and critical data is irrevocably deleted.

With BusinessShadow® your application and data can be back where it was at 1:59:59 pm literally at the push of a button and short wait time of typically a couple of minutes.

The time-delayed data mirror provides a manageable buffer between the production and its mirror system called the “time-funnel”. This time-funnel receives current transactions from the production database or file system. The time-funnel and all data is physically stored on the mirror system and current transactions are available on the mirror system in case the production system becomes unavailable or corrupted.

In the case of a disruption, applications can simply be switched to the mirror system. Instead of working with the same corrupted data which caused the downtime on the production site, only the good transactions are applied to the mirror system. Typically up to the point before the data corruption on production occurred. And all this happens within a few minutes – without restoring backup media.