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Arguments, which convince!

The Libelle solutions make your High Availability and Disaster Recovery Architecture safe and sound. They close thus gaps, that classical systems (le.g. RAID/Cluster technologies), do not cover.

Best in its Class Protection from the Consequences of:
  • Corrupt or Deleted data 
  • Faulty software updates 
  • Human-errors 
  • Hardware problems
  • Disasters and sabotage
Protect your Business regardless of:
  • Distance between production and mirror system
  • Size of the systems
  • Hardware and Applications in use
Your Benefits:
  • Continuous and consistent backup of your databases and file systems
  • Automated failover process of applications and databases
  • Quick error recovery after failover to the mirror system
  • Continue to work with the last consistent set of data after a corruption
  • Automatic allocation of virtual IP-addresses/hostnames
  • Minimum manual intervention on an application level 
  • Very simplistic solution and extremely easy to operate
Other Implementation Scenarios:
  • Simplistic approach for building backup data centers 
  • Transparent monitoring of critical IT processes
  • Automation of system refreshes by creating test databases/environments
  • Planned fail-over to minimize planned downtime
  • Backup from the mirror system without affecting production systems
  • Reporting with production data on the mirror system
  • Server move without downtime