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Time-Delayed Data Mirroring

Secure your business-critical Data optimally and cost-effectively

IT systems are constantly threatened by application downtime and loss of data. The threats are real and come from many directions. Not all of them can be avoided. The important question is: are you ready and prepared? How fast are you able to be back in business? If you experience a major incident, this becomes a challenging race against time.

Today's replication tools are inadequate to provide full data and application protection. Synchronous or nearly synchronous data replication tools only protect against hardware failures (Hardware High Availability), but do not protect against software or user errors. Stretching the data replication tools to mirror over large distances helps to cover site failures (Disaster Recovery), but offers low data integrity and typically a poor Return on Investment (ROI).  Manual backup and restore procedures provide the data integrity but lack reasonable Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives. In addition, the complexity of today's application landscapes requires in-depth know-how of the detailed system architecture to get the systems back to life. 

Libelle Solutions enables to reduce the risk of data loss, minimize application downtime, and provide amazingly fast error recovery - easy to use and cost-effective. They protect your applications, databases, filesystems and data center sites independent from the cause and independent from the consequence of the incident: hardware failure, corrupt data, software error or human error. At the same time, even the distance and network between your production and backup system means no boundary.
The secret is the time-delayed data mirroring with minimum bandwidth requirements.

Libelle provides a simplyfied way to handle the administration and failover without requiring specific in-depth know how.