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Monitoring of System and Business Processes in SAP® Environments


Keep track of your SAP® Systems and increase your IT efficiency

Monitoring provides current values ​​through continuous measurement and control of various processes. This will ensure the safety of the system and the ongoing operation. For an optimal monitoring it is recommended to use the so-called key performance indicators.

Key Performance Indicator

Key performance indicators (KPI) assist in monitoring the business performance. They are obtained quickly and from actual measurements. The fastest possible removal of the interference can be achieved by a built up thereon process control. Due to KPIs the entire process is transparent. In addition, these indicators might help to include further optimization of the critical processes.

Business Service Management

The by Forrester Research launched term Business Service Management (BSM) is the link between process and IT service management, and couples the business-focused IT services with the underlying ICT infrastructure. Business-focused IT services are considered as services that support a recognizable business requirement. BSM helps companies to greater IT efficiency by automating IT Service Management processes (ITSM) and workflows.

BSM is therefore categorized in the environment of service-oriented architecture (SOA) and their management concept. But even in the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), which supports business processes by IT organization, you meet business service management. BSM must also be embedded in a business process management (BPM), because the relationships between the IT, business services, and work processes must be documented.